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  1. The probleme with Blutrol is: On older iphones it kills the performance. On my iphone 4 it doesn't really work. And my iphone 5 is not jailbroken. But there are also controllers that work with non jailbroken iphones.
  2. Will the game support any external controller? Or will it just be controlled through display controls. Display controls suck. Can you please support the PS3 Controller? It works fine with JB ;)
  3. Either that, or fix their path so they don't go ridiculously high. Nerf damage to 50% and range to 70%, so they have to come closer so my towers can hit them ;) @EagleOne: This is not for endgame gear players like you. It is for players that want to progress ;) Copters are blocking progression with 1.6k Range of my harps they stay out of range and fire (On NM KG). Normally I would be able to beat the map
  4. Kids never read it ;) and kids do play dd. I even heard kids in Voip playing bl2. They should get a warning. Anyone should, if you don't know the rules, you should at least be taught the rules once. If something happens then, no one could blame TE because they had gotten a message about it.
  5. Pay 2 Play != Pay 2 Win. Pay to play is a subscription fee, like WoW. Pay to win is being able to pay real cash for top-tier content instantly. Disagree. Pay To Play = Pay To Win because you Play To Win. But the "Pay2Win Concept" just skips a lot of the Play-Part. Pay To Play is every computer game that is not free. Not everyone hates Pay2Win Concept, but I don't like it. Developers make games to hard, so you are really not able to win with skill. Gaming should be skill, and we already did pay for DD to WIN. Progression should be fixed, not progression skipping.
  6. Copters on Kings Game are OP, even with reflection walls. They shoot from a position that is out of the range of my towers, that sucks.
  7. The easiest is Apprentice ;) you can do it in less than 20 seconds with the right strategy :) I checked it on open with normal stats
  8. Boss-Krieg. Every enemy is replaced with a boss. Ancient Dragon instead of Wyvern, Ogres instead of Goblins, Demon Lords instead of Goblin Copters
  9. Although this could potentially provide better loot on easy maps (i.e. insane or magus NM), it doesn't mean that you'll find it easier to find loot. On the hard maps, the loot starts getting worse as you approach the last few waves because everything gets so "high" that it just rolls over and starts again. Maybe it will roll over enough that it goes back to high upgrades and creates better loot again, but who knows? As for the easier maps, they probably don't increase the loot quality in such a way that you'd see a meaningful increase in loot quality just by doing more waves, and the diffic
  10. With all the downloadable contents, it was 60. So if they get us a disc based Version, and since it won't be a new game why not? But I would like to see it, when the game is fixed. And it should be the "final" patch. After this only small patches should come after this, or Microsoft will ruin the patching after this. I want a crossplay feature. It needs a different name or people will complain that the games are incompatible. Dungeon Defenders Mk II :D :D
  11. While I love the idea; please know that unless Trendy does some extensive work on loot generation (aka RNG), you won't be finding better gear on adding more waves than you do now. For some maps like the shards map you hit the max quality factor before you ever clear the run. It is the go negatives, roll overs, etc that are killing the loot at that point. But from a challenge and high score aspect; I would like to see this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk It's Half-Half. I mean while RNG is seriously broken on the hardest maps, there would be no better loot, only if you really ar
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