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  1. I am happy to hear poeple are doing their best to figure out a way ^^ Just to see that poeple do actually care is really great. good luck guys and i hope, in the future we also can have an official event C:
  2. If you are trying to host events you need to talk to hitmon, not classic. Though u wouldn't get your hopes up as I believe they are only willing to support one group. Though with 360 losing the events who knows. i'm not into hosting since i can't not experienced in it nor do i actually have strict times i am online :/
  3. I did post an PM to classic22 about the problem for Europeans unable to join the events earlier, never had an respond and doesn't seem he even readed it.
  4. As I've seen lately and experienced, the events are always for global poeple. (US region etc) I've tried to join an event earlier but I couldn't since US can't connect with EU. as an European I... We feel left out. I haven't seen a single Europe event and I keep hearing, we will get an European event later in time this and that, but when is ''later in time'' ? I can deal with getting some updates later but this is too much in my opinion. We'd like to have what ''they'' have. All those things we are missing, it's just an misery. I hope everyone understands why I wrote this, Sincerely
  5. PSN: Grey_Wolf88 Friday Sidenote: here it's GMT +2:00 because of the summertime (central european time) the only possible host i could probably join is TitoDaddy could there be made an exception for me please?.
  6. reseting the tutorial worked, thanks ^^
  7. my friend got it couple days ago, yet i didn't it's still unachieved for me and as an ps3 player, it dissapoints for me that i can't get all trophies to earn platinum :(
  8. my weapon and ui disappears whenever i get an high wave on like the summit/mistymire/morrago. doesn't show how much mana something cost, big part of the ui dissapears as what wave, how much hp the boss has, the whole creepcount dissapears yet this never happend on solo, only online, and i cannot avoid it :/ killing myself to hope that it will come back is just a waste and rejoining just kills my score ;( anyone know what this is and if known, how to fix it?
  9. will the console ever get costumes like they do on the pc? even if it's for a price, i am eagered to pay for it, the same looks over and over again gets a lil boring i hope this is possible :O thanks in advance for answers ^^
  10. psn US has got an fix for spider error, but does this mean it won't have effect on EU version either? because i really wanted to play with you :( (gonna get dlc2 tomorrow)
  11. PSN: Grey_wolf88 it's great that you just give away runs like that :D
  12. Grey_wolf88 lvl 72 right now, midway 73 Huntress DPS (4,070ea shot 8SPS 1320 att blasticus) need to get as fast as possible lvl 74 (around 9.900.000/14.000.000 atm) and ogres are no problem for me ^^
  13. Weapon randomly dissapears after picking up your own with tavern pickup locked (in someone else's tavern)
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