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  1. What should i get the shot speed up to? i have heard around 20k, is that good enough?
  2. Sicarius

    Item Check Thread

    Got these from a reputable forum trader so i hadent checked anything but the tower stats until just today but they looked hacked to me, are they?
  3. do i need to get the res up to 41? (including set bonus) for it to be 90% on all in nightmare?
  4. Same problem here, was playing earlier but now i just cant connect. I have tried verifying the games cache but it still wont work.
  5. did you find all gear yourself or it is probably hacked items from trading? Both glads and all accs were farmed by me, bought the Armour and cat from forums and had them item checked, thats really the best i can do to try and get legitimate items if i want to buy stuff.
  6. Their must be caps on base stats and on amount of ^ i wonder what they are, Of all the beards/hats i have seen in auctions and have farmed myself i have yet to see over 250-260 in a base stat and also i have not seen much higher than 200 for the ^, so if 500 is possible it is very rare. anyone have the actual max stats for a sup acc?
  7. Is 500 in a stat even possible? can an accessory spawn with say 300 in hero damage and 200^?
  8. You're pretty close to making the damage roll negative. I was able to make it go negative once by myself but i used a friend to help replicate it
  9. Glads too eh? Impressive, congrats on that! How much damage do the glads have? 83.6k on one and 78k on the other
  10. Congrats! WW shouldn't be too hard i join pub games all the time, but the other 2 are a pain.
  11. Finally i am able to exceed 1 billion dps in tav with my barb and booster monk My stats are: Barb: 5800 hero damage 2600 hawk Booster monk: 5000 boost
  12. Sicarius

    Item Check Thread

    Propeller cat with 253/254^ 217 boost 68 range 4x hero Value:46,199,884 217 hero hp -59 hero speed 360 hero damage 220 cast rate 45 ab1 207 ab2 -74 tower hp 171 tower damage is that hacked? because i have seen one similar that i have farmed myself.
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