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  1. Please do something about the old one, It is so buggy. Me,freak,akron and Ntropia has tried it 3-4 times and it has bugged out all the time. This time (5min ago) 3 out of 4 died of the jump, and sure that's cool, no way of dodging with that lagg tho. but when we were supposed to respawn it bugged out and we all lay on the floor without being able to do anything. And the lives just disappered, we died 3 time but we lost all lives on those 3 deaths
  2. I did Crystal dimension with Ntropia,Herpty,Gururur I did not recieve my "Legendary monk costume" or my achievment. Please fix this :)
  3. I've been trying this boss to, and even on insane he 1 hits you, and it is impossible to dodge with lagg
  4. That is BAD AND I MEAN REAL BAD, i changed class for the "OLD ONE" and I was stuck on it, THIIS IS SO BAD. All 4 of us was stuck on them because we knew we would only got 25 secounds building, We know you shall attack his left leg but i've played it for 2 hours now and both time lost for not knowing what happens, I know that is kinda the point, not knowing the fight at start, and thats ok but not allowed to know if i can build or dps at all is wrong... And like my 1. thread can't we get a way to start were we lost?
  5. Seriously, We just did all the way to the last plane on crystalline dimension, IT WAS SO FUNNY, Never been challenged that hard ever before in this game. But playing 60-70 Minuts to last plane then seeing we got 22 (?) secounds to build. We were chilling and thinking 20 min on last wave, HA easy. This is not a way of telling make it 2-3 minuts but please do not change the challenge itself but the possibility of starting on that plane now that we are ready for it, And ofc only allowed to start that plane if you made it up to it. DD is so funny, but seriously 87min for the loosing and star
  6. I'll have to go to bed, I do understand why i didn't get an invite if steam messed up, but as some people have written for EU players (Norway my self) this challenge is really unfair. Even with 2 EU teams up against eachother, the lag would just be to much...
  7. I agree with shadow, my group did this secound event easy, and the "leader" said we maybe could have done nm but we are not sure we could and we just did the first event to night without building anything, And thats even more hardcore then the first event and we really want a "leader " to join us and atleast say: these guys dont get a reward because they were to late but atleast they did it!
  8. im still whaiting for an invite, or is it that you couldnt find me : Sid is Freakkiler , http://steamcommunity.com/id/Freakkiler
  9. so how do my group do this, sid is freakkiler, swingo and akron, Akk: my group, do i join one of you guys or do i just make my own and do it?
  10. i would like to join the event my sid is freakkiler is it anything you guys need to get me in=
  11. we have been playing at a host with 100/100 so if thats not enough, MANY people cant host, i have 5/0,5 internet
  12. I agree with rominus, finally i had some challenge. Now with 50% mana and 40 secounds more it would be just a waste of time doing it, but i recognize some of the bugs you mention
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