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  1. Was a huge fan of DD after playing it on a buddies phone many years ago, the anticipation for the PC release was unbearable. Favorite memory has to be leveling my first few characters and the first time learning experience I wish I could relive. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198028481907
  2. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198028481907
  3. Rules don't say it has to be done on ranked, is this intentional?
  4. Manually move the files over, make sure you have the correct directory.
  5. That's correct. Pretty twisted movie but it's a good watch.
  6. I have it running on both emulator and on a tablet. It won't run on android versions later than 4.4.x kit Kat. Memu has an option for 4.4.2. GL
  7. we don't even get to test it to see how it performs and effects the game? bummer deal man.
  8. Haven't seen too much discussion on how Lightning towers should be re-balanced, would like to present an idea and see what people think. How would people feel about them doing less damage if they're too close to each other? They can still be stacked and used with good gear to clear maps. It promotes tower diversity, one or two per buff beam being optimal if you choose to use them. They still function as aggro machines, which personally I enjoy. 30-40% damage reduction I feel is about the right area where it should be. If you decide to only build 2 next to each other, you still gain damage but it's not optimal. They can still kill bosses just not as fast as before, I think players should either (A) bring in dps, or (B) take longer to afk. Thoughts? 
  9. Don't really find lab assault to be fun or engaging gameplay, only requirement is an aoe weapon with high projectile speed on a dps character. I'm all for the map getting a rework, or at the very least having armor removed from the drop table.
  10. You care considering you took the time to click the quote button, type your response and click the submit button.
  11. The out of bounds spots are not difficult to find. Like I said, the spelling and grammar errors are what made it confusing to understand.
  12. Plane's is explained and formatted excellently. OP was edited to make it slightly more intelligible some time after when it was clear people didn't understand the rules. I never participated in, or seen Plane's contest and didn't have that as a reference to realize what was intended. If you seen the post before it was edited, you might see why some people got confused. Myself included.
  13. The ambiguous rules kinda turned me off of it, the spelling and grammar errors in the OP didn't help. People may have not been so confused if you didn't go out of the map for a look-alike contest.
  14. Use a controller, you can auto-lock and hit every tick with ease. I don't understand how no one gets that abilities can be scaled, AS IT IS NOW IT WOULD TOTALLY BE OP if all we did was allow it to be boosted by monks. That's not what anyone wants or I even suggested we do. Cut it's current damage by lets say 50%(<-- this is where it gets tested and balanced), then let it be boosted. Even the range can be adjusted if needed. Very few damaging hero abilities are not effected by boost effects, this makes the mana/purity bomb interaction with boost, or lack of it, not intuitive. If we can change this one ability and make it competitive or situationally good, then imo it's good for the game and adds another tool for players to use while thinking outside the box.
  15. buggy code can lead to lag, if I can get a few extra frames on some maps it's way worth it. More frames = faster clearing, so sick of low fps slow motion on moonbase for example. If this has even the slightest chance of helping, YES PLEASE!
  16. They would be tankie, it would need balanced. Maybe instead of 1 to 1 on the increase, make it gain half as much. The idea of it is that it won't be that strong on campaign, gaining value the longer the game goes on for late wave survival. Gives you a tower that becomes better the earlier wave you start on. You would have to micro manage them a lot, healing them constantly until they bulk up. Still think giving them immunity to elemental damage fits the best thematically, and has potential to actually be used in some spots.
  17. Another option is to have them absorb elemental damage, increasing their max hp based on the damage they've taken. Same thing as healing just better after they've been repaired.
  18. Even if minions didn't heal, I'm sure players would still use them as wells. They can't be moved by sharken, they don't cost DU, and they can interrupt djinns. Sounds like very good reasons to use them over any other option given the choice. Self healing just lets players be lazy, which is not what I want more of. If they are going to heal but not in a consistent enough way, they're useless. If they heal too much, they become too strong especially for 1 DU. I assume we both agree they shouldn't be allowed to live forever, but how long should they live? (on average) If lets say 30% longer, why not just add 30% more hp and take out the inconsistency?
  19. Currently Mana and Purity Bomb are not effected by boost effects such as Hero Boost, for the sake of consistency and to make Apprentice/Adept a more viable dps character, I would like to see this changed. Currently I've heard it argued that this would be too strong, they may be right, but there is a very simple solution to this. Reduce the damage, but balance it so while boosted you still get a decent increase from it. You shouldn't be punished for playing as a group, other classes have their abilities become more effective while boosted and these fellas should too. Are Harbingers ghosts/undead? Are they effected by Purity Bomb? Should they be?
  20. I also use Bloodshot, know the feeling, kite it back to your str drain/spiders. Unless Str Drain is nerfed, I don't see anything replacing it. I don't think it would be impossible to have the game check if the enemy has an elemental affinity, then ignore most or all of it's damage. Edit: My problem with self healing walls is that it's essentially the same as just increasing their HP/scaling or worse case they become completely broken and almost never die. If they get a darkness aura effect they still won't really be used outside of solo app/adept (due to how good str drain is), in which case they shouldn't be changed at all.
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