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  1. Was a huge fan of DD after playing it on a buddies phone many years ago, the anticipation for the PC release was unbearable. Favorite memory has to be leveling my first few characters and the first time learning experience I wish I could relive. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198028481907
  2. You have a month before a pledge is charged to your account, you can cancel it at any time before April 3rd. There is only a limited number to rewards per tier, don't let yourself miss out by waiting :P
  3. They say exactly what you get, if it says 1, you get 1.
  4. Just got a response on the kickstarter for this same question, " There are various rewards at different tiers that have different costs/values associated with them. That said, we have plans for a backer-specific store that will provide reduced price items to compensate for not being able to include every reward tier. :) "
  5. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198028481907
  6. Rules don't say it has to be done on ranked, is this intentional?
  7. Manually move the files over, make sure you have the correct directory.
  8. That's correct. Pretty twisted movie but it's a good watch.
  9. I have it running on both emulator and on a tablet. It won't run on android versions later than 4.4.x kit Kat. Memu has an option for 4.4.2. GL
  10. we don't even get to test it to see how it performs and effects the game? bummer deal man.
  11. Haven't seen too much discussion on how Lightning towers should be re-balanced, would like to present an idea and see what people think. How would people feel about them doing less damage if they're too close to each other? They can still be stacked and used with good gear to clear maps. It promotes tower diversity, one or two per buff beam being optimal if you choose to use them. They still function as aggro machines, which personally I enjoy. 30-40% damage reduction I feel is about the right area where it should be. If you decide to only build 2 next to each other, you still gain damage but it's not optimal. They can still kill bosses just not as fast as before, I think players should either (A) bring in dps, or (B) take longer to afk. Thoughts? 
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