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  1. Let me explain: I got a squire builder with tower stats 1000/1800/100/700. Im doing quite a lot of damage but I don't have 4 fully geared character. I know that when I play with friends, I stay with my builder for the 30% more tower damage and they play dps(range). the question is: Is it worth it? Should I stay with my builder or should I switch to a dps also, compensating for the 30% tower damage with mine? If I switch for a dps (would be a barbarian), what pet should I go for? imp? apprentice/huntress? full dps pet? Thanks in advance
  2. Before going into the subject, let me give you my background: I got DD since some times now, got a squire with 600 tower health and 1200 tower damage, i dont have 4 fully geared char and I need to know. I see a lot of online guide about how to do mystmire on NM HC solo, doing X or Y map on solo, but all the guides I see require 1500 all tower stats and 3 different char. I got my myth, got almost max resist, and I'm looking for upgrades. Where should I start? Farming mana and buy trans? my gear sucks so I need better? I need other chars? I should be able to farm big stuff but I just suck
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