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  1. If you get enemy/gem/gem (de-upgrade tower), and it chooses an EV node that's upgraded, it only de-upgrades one of the nodes. Assuming same for upgrading.
  2. This has been broken since the creation of time itself. Imps (pets) currently only heal 1 charge at a time when healing traps, no matter what the imp level is. Doesn't use mana either (or a very small amount) Can this get fixed, would help with prox mines.
  3. Two problems have arisen from sharken, both are game breaking. 1. Sharken can bypass gas/slowdown with the charge. Not sure if this is true, but it felt like this. Unless you have a massive amount of harpoons, they're going to push your walls back. They're stunned if they aren't charging though. Edit: yep they do, this needs to be fixed. 2. Walls pushed off buff beams will destroy the buff beam.
  4. For now, since dark are 3 DU, they're better, if you're doing OMF and are already using a STR drain, it may be better though.
  5. Me and my friend want to do MM survival, but we cannot last past wave 23 duo, but my friend (with worse walls) alone, can last past this. The scaling from 1 player to 2 players is messed. In nightmare, 95% of the kills you get will be from towers, but increasing the number of players does not increase the number of towers. Despite this, health and amount of mobs DOES increase, almost double really. While there should be scaling, it is WAY too much right now, to the point where soloing is significantly easier than duoing, unless you have a guardian. Can this be changed?
  6. Since DU is proportional to EV physical wall health, I think we should be able to use + and - to increase/decrease the DU used. I'm saying this because there are some areas in which the area to build the wall is only wide enough to build a 2u wall, but I need a 3u wall.
  7. At around 4:30 est last friday, me and my friend were playing Dungeon Defenders while connected to trendynet. He was switching items over to my account so we could do something. I was using a barbarian and he dropped 2 pretty good swords. I equipped one sword and it worked fine, but when I equipped the second one, instead of equipping it in the second hand, it over wrote the first one, deleting it. It is not in my item box, or anywhere. I'm wondering if it's possible to rollback this account. I've sent an email to lostheros, but just in case they can rollback, I don't want to p
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