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  1. to release parts of the patch before the shards 4 patch! At least the mana token-function and the inventory increse. Thanks! Patience.
  2. that what happens when u are 16 cant find a job and your dad is to old school and doesn't trust the internet What a douchey thing to say.
  3. I'd very much like to summon a wyv and fly around on it.
  4. I have great joy in kicking all the cheap a**holes hoping to buy highend trans gear for less than 400mil who come in to my AFK shop to do some good ol' fashioned trolling and flaming. The problem is, if there are more than three people in my shop, I can't kick the said a**hole (unless he or she is one of the lucky three shown in the menu) thus they're free to do all the b****ing they want. (Posting this request right after several noobs came in to my store just now. Please excuse my anger.)
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