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  1. Can someone please show me a build for moraggo insane+? Im tired of running insane, the highest oculus I've pulled is 162^. I run this quite often so I guess its bad luck. [SIZE=3]Yes I have a lvl 90 apprentice(DPS)[/SIZE]
  2. First off im not vouching for vonkboyz but he was around the time of the event so im sure he got one. and with all due respect to you ak47fan762, you really dont have a dog in this fight as you are on xbox. but the notion of trading an ultimate defender makes the alarms go off. i have multiple legit ultimate defenders and have no intention of trading them. so i cant believe that anybody else would really be willing to trade a legit one. to answer the OP its only worth mana due to the fact you cant prove beyond a reasonable dought that is legit, sorry Thanks, if you guys would like to know w
  3. LOL, its not a dupe. And I dont remember trading you a Lazer Robot, I got mine from the event... its still in my secret room.
  4. PSN: DELTA_WARRIOR-8 *all in caps* Im on randomly :P Send me a MSG PSN: DELTA_WARRIOR-8 *all in caps*
  5. I have a clean ultimate defender for trade and im wondering what it is worth. I almost have my apprentice at lvl 90 and i need a 90 oculus 200^+ if possible. *I only need a 200^+ staff, no missing stats, i do not need any event pets or weapon* *If this is not worth it please offer what you think is* I DO NOT TRADE DUPES AND IF U DON'T TRUST ME, DON'T POST ANYTHING ON THIS THREAD 79(Walls):apprentice:(DPS)87 75(Towers):squire:(DPS)75 84(Traps):huntress:(DPS)79
  6. I have a clean junior judge and i was wondering if i should raise it into BASE or FIRE. I need to know how much it would do if it was BASE. FIRE is about 10-15k. BASE=???
  7. Can i download this map on consle(PS3)? If i can how do you i download it.
  8. If event is still going on? PSN:vonkboyz What days are you inviting?
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