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  1. Actually what everybody said was that you should just play without the mods you don't like. What's wrong with that approach?
  2. I used to agree with the OP on this but now I've played the game with mods I find I'm enjoying the game much more. Turns out that for me, and I suspect many others, that being FORCED to use certain towers isn't as much fun as freedom to customise and use your favourite towers. To further reinforce this you only have to look at mastery which is the ultimate in creating challenge by removing choice but is very much disliked by players. I think others have mentioned the point that mods like tenacity are using up a mod slot for what is essentially a quality-of-life benefit. They may not be th
  3. I tried out this mod and it does work, even with 1 bar mods. It's fun to try it out but incredibly lame way to play the game and really boring. May as well play a clicker game if you want brainless progression.
  4. Has anybody worked out which are the best anti-mob mods for anti-air towers? Looks like some people are using ranged damage/boom mods. Has anybody confirmed the enemy types for flyers.
  5. Ogre lanes have a good chance of locking up for me. Not sure what causes it. Also see flyer spawns lock up but much less common. Stuff gets auto-killed eventually but when there are multiple enemies stuck then it takes several minutes (haven't timed it but it's long enough to alt-tab away from the game for a while).
  6. Can confirm that it shows MAX if you hit the speed cap. Dunno if it does for range.
  7. I don't think this is it. I have two defence rate mods. One is red and the other orange. Both have the same range 24.88-37.2. The red one is at 25.15% and the orange at 25.72%. I've also got a green "damage to orcs" which is 4 bars 40.1%, range is 32%-56%.
  8. What's with the colouring and bar display in the MODS? Most of my orange / yellows are are actually low rolls very close to the bottom of the range (as shown by pressing the ALT key).
  9. Agree it might be tough to manage if you are just over the current market price but you could always aim low if really keen to sell something. I've played other games with unregulated markets and they all end up being filled with people spamming overpriced items.
  10. It's to stop the market filling up with high priced items that don't sell. Sounds like a great idea to me.
  11. Lawta said in another post today that they are talking about 1 map per floor as part of the next big update due in 2-3 months.
  12. Thanks for the 1 map per floor beanz. Made my day!!!!!
  13. OK. Not trading levelled up gear prevents you from selling the gear as it was before the reset but even just selling all the unlevelled legendary gear in your inventory to a friend gives you a huge boost after a reset since you start with nothing after a reset and it takes quite a while to just find enough legendary items to rebuild your deck.
  14. Hi Trendo - Delighted to see the new game changes. I was excited but noticed no mention of changes to the Onslaught 3 maps without save. I'm already at C7 and have OP gear. I'd love to min/max my gear with mods and changes to my gear so I can challenge higher onslaught levels or earn AP points but the 3 map system is a show stopper for me. So I'm still out of the game. You've already broken the challenge of AP by allowing people to abuse trading so they can easily get their gear back after a reset. Why are you doggedly sticking to 3 maps without save?
  15. I'm fairly neutral on the gilding. A gilded shard saves some gold on a reset and a modest increase in stats. If you aren't in a hurry to reset then it's not hard to stockpile enough gold to upgrade enough shards to easily stomp back to C7. I think it's just like ascension. Takes a lot of hours to get to 4 digit ascension, gives you maximum bonus, great bragging rights but completely unnecessary and most people won't even set it as a goal. Same with gilding I reckon. I'll probably keep a small list of shards I hope to gild that I'll collect and dust the rest.
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