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  1. Regardless of your opinion on the specific wording in whatever agreement you think was made or not made NM was not even close to balanced before. Think of it this way. You designed a game with 4 character classes. Through the course of some changes you made you overlooked something and one character class became so good that the others were literally made useless in the high end game. What do you do? You plan out the changes to bring it all back in line. In this case step 1 is bringing down the crazy high numbers on the squire. Step 2 is likely some changes to fix the instant deaths in surv
  2. [c3;401645']im curious about the accessories as well, but i think adding secondary effects, such as piercing, elemental damage, like that, would serve better than just added 2-300 more tower or hero stats. Indeed. I was thinking unique bonuses based on the tower. Like letting Harpoons bounce off the first terrain surface they hit.
  3. Do you want to increase nightmare difficulty? Do you want to achieve tower parity? How EACH of those questions is answered affects what should be done going forward. Quit this knee-jerk stuff. :( I think the answer is yes to both Fred.
  4. Perhaps they are trying to get Nightmare more in line with what they wanted the mode to be. You know the word "Nightmare" tends to have implied meaning and "Easy with Harpoons" isn't it. Though honestly if they are going to push Nightmare mode up to true Nightmare difficulty perhaps the ability to run Insane with all the DLC mobs and slightly better rewards would be in order.
  5. Just to note. I don't suggest PLing with your first character. All you are doing is reducing the total amount of time you can enjoy the game. Play the lowbie game, get as much time out of it as you can. It'll never really be interesting again once you have a high level and get into the Myth+ game.
  6. Set bonus? I'm pretty new and I haven't seen any information regarding this and I've been all over the forums and wiki. Are there set bonuses for lower tiers of gear (godly? Myth?) and how does it work? Do they all need to be the same type like for the Godly achievement?
  7. The angle of reflection is based on the angle of impact. If for instance you put a wall at the top of some stairs enemies shooting upward the shots will reflect upward and hit nothing. Enemies shooting it straight on though get their shots put right back in their face. Ogres tend to work very nicely with the wall because due to the height of their projectile origin point compared to the usual target the shots get angled slightly downward on reflection. As for damage, I don't have an uberfied EV yet myself but I saw in a post on this forum somewhere someone claim their reflect wall had an ov
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