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  1. The poison lasts a really really long time, which would be really nice against bosses since at max stack you can easily get your ticks above 5k each... but it is still way too weak compared to other ranged DPS defenses. You need to land way too many darts very early in the enemies' path to make the DoT and (vicarious) total damage worthwhile, which is simply too many requirements when you could just have another class place a better, more reliable tower instead. IMO the cone size needs to be larger; i.e. a larger spread so that you can land more darts on enemies passing by. A larger spread
  2. Honestly while I would like that traps/auras just deactivate when they run out of charges it is really a small thing. It is very easy and cheap to upkeep them between waves or even during waves. A very minimal investment in tower health gets you enough charges to get through any current content.
  3. Yes give us an autoaim toggle. I am honestly amazed that the game doesn't default to shoot where you aim. Especially with a crit system based on hitting specific parts of your target.
  4. My experience has been very different from the original poster. Admittedly geyser traps felt weak initially because until you have some tower speed they quite frankly are weak. That said it didn't take me long playing Huntress to get them to a useful point. Starting about in the ruins maps I was able to use two geysers in a lane in place of barricades. Explosive trap and poison dart tower have both been very effective for the entire time I've been using them. I am pretty sure everybody is aware of how weak blaze balloon is right now and I need not say any more on that subject. Her active abili
  5. As someone who uses poison dart towers a lot I will say they are quite fine the way they are. Ignore the DoT for a moment, look at the straight damage potential instead. The tower itself fires 6 or 8 projectiles depending on upgrade. These projectiles will shotgun on large targets. I place poison dart towers directly in the path of enemies so they come straight at it and it just melts everything. Ogres that come straight on and eat all the shots with no allies are down to 1/4 health before reaching it and have a ton of DoT stacks built up. If poison dart tower was instead called shotgun dart
  6. Remove the high level from your deck then re-add them after going to the private tavern. They will probably de-level for the map but they will be fully available.
  7. It comes down to developer time and money. Making games is far from free and doesn't even come close to any definition of cheap. "Doing it right" would take up a lot of dev time, it is no simple proposition. All the dev time that goes into pvp could be put into the core game. So does pvp automatically make a game worse? Not necessarily, but it more often than not is just a junk addon waste of everybody's time.
  8. I guess. I haven't experienced a speed stacked huntress's geyser. If you can keep tossing something then maybe the range boost is all we need.
  9. The goal is to make the combo worth making. Even if skyguard had range right now it really isn't worth the combo because during those long gaps between when a ground enemy is airborne the skyguard just sits there doing nothing. Any tower that can hit both ground and air is more valuable at that point simply because it will keep going. On the fire rate; by reducing the fire rate the raw damage number can be brought up to compensate. Flip an enemy into the air for a half second the skyguard gets one shot at the current rate, at a slower fire rate it still gets one shot out but that one shot is
  10. Personally I love the idea of this combo. However as has been pointed out other towers just do a better job. Ballista is brought up because it already can take out flying and ground enemies without needing a combo of some kind. Note that I know ranges are going to be changed soon so I won't be hammering that subject here. So the problem with skyguard I see is that if its dps is too high it trivializes air enemies and if its damage is too low the combo is pointless. I have some ideas to help with this. First make skyguard a slower attacking higher damage tower. Knockup effects tend to have
  11. I agree on your Legendary suggestion with an added point. Make individual Legendaries come from specific maps. So if you want the "Oculus" do map X while if you want the "Windforce" do map Y. By doing this we will have people doing different maps to seek out specific items thus encouraging more varied gameplay.
  12. Reading this thread I see a lot of feedback about how the rewards are weak. To those people I am pretty sure the current rewards are just something to plug in since the system was very recently added. That said I have a suggestion for a reward that would be useful regardless of how advanced your character is. Give us a consumable or token or something that we can consume to upgrade an end of map chest one teir or make an end chest spit out an extra item.
  13. since it's not % it's simply direct numbers we would have to know exactly how much defense mobs exactly have to do some effect :P what if mobs have 10k+ defense is 100 a lot? Can't seem to find it, atm, but somebody figured out the formulas for damage reduction awhile back. Would just need to plug in their damage reduction and solve for defense to see how much the mobs have. From what I remember, 100 would be very significant even in the 66% range. That is because the more damage mitigation something has the smaller the raw % number needs to be to significantly effect time to kill. The ea
  14. The increased explosion radius but not increased trigger radius means more enemies move into the damage zone before it triggers. Combined with the increased damage it makes them far more effective than before. I have found the first upgrade is worth the cost. Further upgrades need more testing.
  15. The trap's damage radius does upgrade according to the patch notes but not the trigger radius.
  16. Getting two kill count dailies as your options is kind of pointless. The two options tend to spawn with equal frequency so its a non-choice. Make the two options a choice between a kill count and perform tricks every time.
  17. So I am seeing threads saying Legendaries are too common and RNG stats are making most of them bad. These people have a point, I have an idea to fix it. Make Legendaries rare again. Give them set stats. Make a Legendary for each map. Give every Legendary something unique but fun like the current weapons but go wild with it. For a few examples, give us a chest armor that can proc a stun to nearby enemies when we are hit or an armor piece that reduces the damage we take from kobold explosions by a high %. Make these unique effects take up part of the item budget. Make a Mythical with good roll
  18. I very recently got DD2 but I played DD1 for a long while (it appears my post count carried over). After playing DD1 this matchmaking system is completely baffling to me. We have gone from being able to start a public or private game on a map of our choosing or picking from a filterable list of existing games to this disaster. We cannot even choose to only join a game that is level appropriate for us. If I get put into the newbie map while trying to play my level 12 then all I can do is stick the game out till it ends or leave and come back to the game later because I will only be put back i
  19. No. That isn't even possible. If you try it when you go to join a game it says "you are joining a (insert level range here) and some heroes in your deck are outside of it, remove them or cancel." I've tried some more and it appears the new Campaign option just puts you into the latest available public game regardless of level. They really need to bring back the matchmaking from DD1 it is vastly superior to this.
  20. I can only do the random join thing? I can't pick which active games that have slots to join? I can't start my own public game so I can be sure to get into a map that isn't below my level? This is especially annoying because the game insisted on putting my level 12 into a level 3 game. This is completely unacceptable and I am immensely surprised there isn't an uproar over this already.
  21. Can we get a picture of its character model and not just its stat screen?
  22. Mega egg was mentioned by that dev guy when talking about the Easter event. Personally I think he was just talking about Humongous Eggs and thinking about the Mega-Chicken.
  23. I can confirm buff beam reduces damage taken. Yes it was a poor decision to use the same word for both buffing methods however it was a rather simple and common mistake considering this game is made by more than one person.
  24. Except that once you hit the point where its duration is longer than it takes to reset and reactivate you are effectively wasting points.
  25. Depends on your goal with her. If you want to be a DPS then build as DPS but get your tower health as high as possible. This way you can provide the superior walls and the buff beam (instead of just the buff beam). If you want to be a proper tower builder that uses all the beams and such where appropriate then pump tower stats. Tower Health and Damage priority of course. Treat the stun duration as you would tower range on other characters, get some but no need to super charge it. Also of course pump your hero health as high as possible as you would for every character. Also EV comes with
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