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  1. I was shown a clipping error by a friend in Ramparts a while back. It was a while ago so it might have been fixed. It is/was at the tops of the stairs. You can get up onto a doorframe then jump through the ceiling. From there you can get around almost the entire map and you can see behind the door that the cores guard is a room that is fully designed. I suspect they intend to add a boss fight or something there.
  2. With ubers becoming available to more, where would you guys mix a single target LA in there?
  3. Cherry you have a Purrpeller. As far as I can tell the odds of getting Purrpeller are the same as getting a Flickerwick. Also I can confirm I have an instance of every pet type available right now.
  4. It might be that my Purrpeller is broken or maybe its just weird with stationary targets. Have you tried yours with the target dummies?
  5. My Purrpeller never actually aims at a target. Just throws its projectile randomly in a general direction and this description is being generous. Its not a big deal with the current power level of pets but eventually I'd like my pet to actually attack enemies.
  6. Some feedback now that I have actually played with the system some and thought about things to get past my initial impressions. I haven't leveled a new character so I cannot comment on the prices and gradual advancement in the spheres that a new player would experience. However as someone with a full deck of level 25s the prices honestly could be increased. It is easy to get 50k gold or more from a single map so someone can make enough money to fully unlock all the slots and get spheres into them quickly. On Ubers. The current system of Ubers being locked behind a specialized content currenc
  7. I like the aspects that you dislike. Having multiple different level spheres opens up the option of earning higher level spheres through doing content. For example the upcoming endless mode. Lets say it gives a reward every X waves and lets say "Example Stat Sphere" gives 100 stats. Starting at the 2nd reward we have a chance of getting a sphere that gives 110 stats. 3rd reward can give a sphere worth 120 stats and so on. This is all just an example but it is an example of another method of advancement for us. This can also apply to the large spheres as well, so for instance we could get Hun
  8. They have stated multiple times that they intend to add an item that will let us re-roll a pets stat's.
  9. You might be calling them non-existent auras as I get the feeling from the dev comments that they are just going to replace it entirely when the Monk revamp comes.
  10. For me this means that I get my range doubled. From what I see I get plus 5% from my base value... at least I think it is like that. If yes, then please write "by 5%". Otherwise this is very very very confusing. ...and I am not sure if these 5% are currently even worth mentioning. Actually I wouldn't even realize if I would just skip this little range improvement. It is 5% and 10% increase for the two available. You can also equip two copies of the same sphere so 20% range increase for both level 2 spheres. Unfortunately while you are placing the defense the increased range isn't shown. It is
  11. Large Spheres seem to stop working every time we switch characters. Have to remove the sphere and re-equip it to get its effect. I can reproduce this easily with the Huntress 15% charged shot proc sphere.
  12. Isn't that what it was in DD1 though? Gear was just pure stats on the base item. The stats had a pretty big possible range to roll in though, even going negative.
  13. I suspect from the spec nodes devstream that those stats are being moved to spec nodes. I say this because one of the examples given for a certain type of spec node was the Squire's cannon % chance to stun, found currently on squire gear.
  14. I really like the idea of the Boost Aura giving a portion of the Monk's tower stats to buffed towers. It makes his gear relevant which is obviously important and can be much better balanced. It also encourages us to use the Monk's other towers in our overall defense instead of just bringing him out for the boost. Gigazelle: I think the upcoming "spec nodes" system will do what you are asking. They gave some examples of what would go into nodes in the stream and one was "cannon towers have a chance to stun." Sound familiar? I think they are migrating those extra bonuses on our gear into the spe
  15. I did it with Geyser. I admit I never tried Earthshatter. I just knew it could knock up and thought it could be part of the combo.
  16. The random rewards in the stream was that you get some free keys weekly, to open lockboxes found, for a random drop of accesories. Not all will be possible to get this way though. There wasn't said anything about random for money, you should ask them in the devstream 17 question thread if you are wondering. Actually they did specifically say they are considering selling the keys.
  17. It was also mentioned they'd like to give us challenges that can't be won by just building and afking. We'd need to bring a dps or tank hero to actually fight the monsters too. So that leaves each person bringing two builders. Incidentally this has lead me to testing out all the various tower combos to see what tricks I can find. I don't like the freeze-toss combo (feels ineffective) but the electrocution combo and tossing (either earth or geyser) with the skyguard shooting the tossed has been fun to watch and effective. I'd really like a tower that oils enemies so I can play with a burning
  18. Something they mentioned in the stream was getting random rewards. This is fine for free items. However random rewards for real money is a major turn off for me. No matter the price if I see "pay for random reward" I start to seriously regret any support I've given that game in the past.
  19. We still desperately need a way to at least indicate which map we want to play and (now that it is available) which difficulty when selecting public games. This just getting shunted into whatever game is available is completely unacceptable. If that is too hard then give us the option to open a fresh public game whenever we want. So we can at least get on the map we want and folks who select the random join can come as they please. Truthfully though what is needed the most is to just bring back the old DD1 matchmaking. It was 100% functional and the only possible complaints about it could on
  20. You are unfortunately screwed for group play unless all your heroes are in the same level bracket. The devs have already told us how they are changing this but a lot of people have missed it so I'll lay it out. 1. Heroes will never be removed from your deck. 2. The active hero will determine which level bracket you are attempting to join instead of going off the highest in your deck. 3. In public games heroes with levels below the level bracket of the map will be greyed out/inaccessible but overleveled heroes will be scaled down. All this is peppered throughout the media. Check the official s
  21. Is there a list or guide on all the little bonuses we get during combat for using towers cleverly? I'm sure everybody has noticed them scrolling across their screen and some are pretty obvious. Stunning effect and combined arms are pretty clear that they come from stunning enemies and using towers from multiple characters. However effects like strategist aren't so clear. Also what is the importance of the number on them, like the 15 on strategist and the 40 on stunning effect. I suspect they are counts of how many enemies you affected with the bonus trigger but it is hard to be sure. I do kno
  22. Hold shift and look at the doors before the wave starts.
  23. I have had ogres die recently (with no frost towers on map) from half or more to dead. This generally happens when I screw up and have trouble getting them in my kill box. I think it is as you describe, the auto kill timer is getting the ogre. I think the best solution would be to reset auto kill timers for mobs that take damage.
  24. As the title says when examining a tower's stats (default key E) it would be nice to be able to see that tower's targeting arc. I find I often wonder what a specific tower's arc is but it is hard to pick out when using the current view because all the tower's arcs obscure each other.
  25. Piercing shot won't kill anything even if you invest in ability power. But they have said in the streams a couple times now that they are going to be doing a rebalance on ability damage. I disagree on Poison Dart Tower. Its shotgun effect is what makes it extremely useful if you can keep the heavy targets in its firing arc. An upgraded PDT kills heavy targets faster than anything else. Personally I dislike the manual activation nature of the Blaze Balloon. Even if its damage was worth it I think I would almost always use those defense points with something else for that reason.
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