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  1. You have missed the point of my post entirely. A mix of towers from all characters is great, but if they are all area then they don't have a high scaling single hitter for big targets. That is the current issue with magic damage that I was trying to emphasize. We need a tower's functionality changed to provide single target. From my perspective Flameburst is the easiest option for this because it would require the least change. We have the opposite problem with physical. Cannon is a great single target tower but all the physical area options are weak. At least there are area options for physical. So physical is just a matter of working on what we have.
  2. Currently there is a serious problem with the balance of area damage and single target damage availability with both damage types. Magic has no good single target option. Flameburst is the closest and it currently suffers from having a small AoE at its target and thus its scaling is adjusted for being area. Its scaling into the late game maps simply can't keep up with high health targets. On top of this there are just a ton of area options for magic like Earthshatter, Lightning Aura and Blaze Balloon. It is also creating a redundancy with Earthshatter on the same character. A single character with two area damage towers, when you need area damage you pick whichever one is better. The solution for magic is simple: Flameburst needs to become pure single target. I can already see the objection "but then it becomes just a magic version of cannon." Yep, in fact I want it to be a magic clone of cannon if possible for simple ease of balance. With the current design forcing us to segregate the damage types we must get a good single target tower for magic. Cannons currently fill their role nicely. Bring on a cannon for magic. Physical doesn't have a good area option but have a great single target tower. Ballista is broken and fixing it might help. Explosive traps feel a little underpowered, largely because they burn through their charges so fast they become a burden on mana. I know the balance is ongoing so my suggestion is simply to fix what we have and lets go from there. Final note: I have not included ubers in this calculation for two reasons. First they are simply unavailable to many of us due to bugs with dailies. Second even if they were fully available through the current system we still cannot use them until character level 50. That is a long time to go without for most characters and we end up progressing through content that exacerbates the problems with the current towers so even if an uber was a remedy it comes far too late.
  3. I have started playing high end maps recently. With resistances as high as they are heroes can't contribute much beyond body blocking if the enemies resist their damage types. Apprentice is pure magic and is completely useless in a grounded magic resist lane. With lanes rolling two special effects grounded is very common. The other characters have a mix of magic and physical which is very awkward trying do damage in a lane with AP builds. Squire does physical with his attacks but sword beam does magic so in any given situation one is useless. It is frustrating not being able to help a lane out because I'm useless against it in every way. It is anti-fun having abilities that are useless. If we had a wide variety of abilities per character making some situational is fine. When you only have 3 abilities the situations that make one useless need to be uncommon. 50% of the lanes making X ability useless is not acceptable. My solution is to make hero attacks bypass or ignore damage resistances. This will let us adjust who goes to what lane based on the enemy types spawning instead of forcing a player into a lane the entire game to counter a resist. It will also make the abilities of characters useful in every lane instead of the current situation.
  4. "Removing attack speed forces more player participation" I'm in this is a good thing camp. The game is far more interesting with players actually participating in the lanes. The balance is about right on hard with a mix of tower damage and player contribution keeping a lane in check. Standing behind our towers and just watching is BORING. The game is far better now that personal participation in lane is actually meaningful.
  5. I'm still trying to figure out if rarity even affects the pet's dps or other stats. I now have a variety of pets of different rarities, including legendary and the hero stat gains on them are all nearly the same (very small variation across rarities). I have an epic and powerful who literally give the exact same amounts of their two hero stats. Its harder to see if one has a more favorable attack since for instance my Hoardagron (legendary red dragon) has a very slow attack and low listed damage but it hits like 10 times per attack (hard to count its too fast) while my Serpensomething (epic green dragon) hits fewer times for much higher damage. For now as far as I can tell rarity is just the likelihood of that specific pet being a result from that egg. It might be that they grow at different rates but that will take some time to test.
  6. I just rerolled my pet's base attack damage and it consumed my entire stack of the reroll item.
  7. Betsy Normal highest ipwr drop is 93. Gates of Dragonfall ipwr requirement to enter is 96. I know we can join in private games without meeting ipwr requirements but its still something of an issue.
  8. The relative power difference between pet rarities needs to be better communicated. If the pet rarity is simply just an indication of the likelihood of that pet coming out of the egg and not of its relative power then let us know. If the pet rarity is also an indicator of power then it needs to be unambiguously communicated in game. I say this because I've gotten "powerful," "epic" and "Mythical" pets now and I honestly don't see any difference in their stats.
  9. Fire rates need to be looked at. The really slow towers like Earth and Ballista simply are less fun because they fire so slowly. I don't care if you need to half their damage make them fire more often.
  10. I've done a good deal of solo play now. Normal waves it feels mostly good. Some of the spawn combos are harder to deal with than others but that is ok. The enemy type I have the most trouble with is the Drakens (dragon things with short range rapid fire projectile). They have too much health for their damage potential. I have to attend to them for long periods of time or they tear apart my wall. Boss waves can be overwhelming. The biggest issue is the boss picks a lane and the two heavy lanes can be in the non-boss lane. This creates situations where I have to split my attention across 3 lanes and its simply not always possible. The bosses need to spawn as part of a heavy lane, replacing one of the spawns in the lane. Like if a lane were to do 3 groups of warpigs replace one of the warpig spawns with the boss. Probably would be best if they were at the end as well so we can do whats needed to deal with the other lane then go fight the boss. I complement Trendy on the overall balance of attention needed in a lane vs what the towers alone can handle. Its well done so far.
  11. Dhyn the issue is that advancing to later maps is based on your item level. You could have a full set of Legendaries that are item level 70 and they are much stronger than a set of white item level 71. However the legendary full set isn't good enough to get you into a map that requires item level 71 gear while the white is.
  12. I think the resist lanes need a better tutorial. Something people are forced to interact with and cannot skip. So many games I've been in we've had people ignoring the resist lanes and making towers that were ineffective.
  13. Just did a Throne Room on FP Norm. Only two lanes spawned enemies, it was a total cakewalk. We figured it was a bug because we still had the huge DU allowance.
  14. Thats where the misunderstanding is then. A Trendy employee said somewhere that all premium pets are automatically Legendary. It seems whoever said that was either wrong, they changed their mind or someone made a mistake somewhere.
  15. You guys do get that there are reroll items right? If you don't like your stat rolls then USE THE REROLL ITEMS. They work. I tried one earlier today. It even let me choose between two stats when I used it. I get at least one to drop every free play map completion. The devs made it very clear when they were announcing the premium pets that all you are paying for is a skin, not power. If you want power you gotta play the game and use the systems in place.
  16. Thank you for Alpha testing Dungeon Defenders 2. It seems you have encountered a significant bug. Bugs like this are why games have lengthy Alpha and Beta testing periods. Please report this using the bug report form found by speaking to the bartender in the social hub in game. I am not an employee of Trendy, just a smartass.
  17. There are reroll items for all the stats. If you don't like a stat but you like the pet you got you can just use the items until you get one you want. It even gives you two choices on the stats when you use the item (I tried one earlier today). So far I seem to get some food boxes every boss/miniboss and I've gotten a reroll box at least once every freeplay map and sometimes more. So the only reason for the 8 hour wait is to try to get a different pet model, not to get perfect stats.
  18. I figure it was nerfed and the tooltips haven't fully caught up. Honestly I wish they would replace the thing already. Its not worth the effort to go through constant balance cycles trying to get it to not be mandatory overpowered and not be underpowered useless like its current state.
  19. The removal of speed should help a lot and is a perfectly logical first step before other action needs to be taken. A big part of why the combo is so overpowered is that Geysers can fire too quickly right now.
  20. Personally I'd rather we had a catapult that served as a way to apply oil status to replace the currently redundant target dummy.
  21. I like the idea but I don't think this tower would be a positive addition to the game. The reason is it will become a single solution to all the random effects Trendy is planning to implement to add to gameplay diversity. I think the idea is they want us to actually respond to those situations not just add an extra aura.
  22. Complains about monetization of game. Game doesn't even have method implemented to take your money. Facepalm.
  23. I am puzzled by all the discussion of "what will the maximum crit be" and "low level gear will be useless since the crit % on gear will be too low." Why would Trendy not learn from the mistakes of past games and use such clunky systems when they could go with a scaling diminishing returns crit stat?
  24. You can switch the ubers out mid game Kero. You just can only have one equipped at a time but any towers already made will persist.
  25. I wouldn't say Lady Orc boss damage is a bug. I bet it is the result of "we just made this enemy and need to start with its stats at some point, what do we have for a reference?" The reference was the normal lady orc and that they were able to increase this other boss's damage by X% of its normal version so they just did the same with lady orc. Unfortunately lady orc is a badass and increasing her damage in such a way upgraded her to ultimate badass.
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