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  1. I have brought this up in the past as well. It is made even worse when you look at the damage type mix on a single hero. Squire attacks are phys, sword beam and earth smash magic. No matter the lane a Squire is always half a hero. 

    Huntress has the clearest example of this disconnect. The large sphere that makes your attacks randomly be a full charge secondary shot. Sounds great until you see that her primary shot is phys and secondary shot is magic. Against a magic res lane those charged shot from the sphere do less damage than the normal shots. Against a phys res lane you are better off charging every shot. The sphere is at best null and against half of the lanes a detriment.

    Huntress and Squire can at least jump resist and at least still contribute. Apprentice is severely hurt by magic resist and cannot contribute at all to a magic res grounded lane.

  2. @TrendyBrad quote:

    @› Rabid Lemming quote:

    @Tristaris quote:

    Why were they in nightmare maps wanting XP, again? 

    If people are wanting to level there are other difficulties for leveling, not to even mention you shouldn't be in NM until 50 in the first place.

    Onslaught, throne room, liferoot, etc, there are a lot of viable methods to level up. Heck I've leveled 5 characters to 50 through different means and it's more than possible. 

    And to not expect bugs and stuff right now is a little silly, on their part.

    How about 3.5M xp to evolve just 1 level of a costume. Would be nice that when you are doing NM and higher you can also earn some kind of reward in xp.

    The costume XP issue in EndGame was an unfortunate oversight that we actually just talked about yesterday. It is a little tricky to fix, but we most certainly WILL be fixing this in the future. It was not the intention that costume accessories could only be leveled up effectively in Freeplay. :( 

    Not just costume xp. Pet affection gains are also based on xp gains. Not to be confused with the levels from food which also require an extreme amount after the first evolution.

  3. @CBlue413 quote:

    @Hover Tower 2000 quote:

    to prevent xp leeching in those games

    This statement makes tremendous amounts of sense, +1 Trendy for creativity.

    It makes no sense since pet's affection gain is based on xp and we have costumes that requires millions of xp to unlock beyond what is needed to reach level 50. End game xp needs to be brought up to at the very minimum the amount free play hard gives.

  4. Thunder O's basic attack is slightly above average for the pets, at least in the low evolutions. Legendary pets are supposed to scale better and he probably pulls ahead of much of the pack with higher evolutions.

    His special though is the weakest I've personally used. The generic elemental attacks do more damage in larger areas than his Thunderstorm. I have hope that this might be because it gets better when he continues to evolve (more strikes or something) but testing that is hard because of the astronomical amount of food necessary to level a pet.

  5. The most exciting thing for me is the concept of these new specialized builds. Giving us gear and spheres that combine to create unique play styles is a brilliant addition and I cannot wait to see what the devs add in the future.

    It adds a tremendous amount of longevity to the game as we will be constantly working to gear up the various specs and experiment with combining them. I am already theorycrafting about combining the hearty and frostfire specs since the towers involved already have innate synergy with the base game mechanics. Oil and cold slows do stack according to my tests so stacking slows with the burn status is looking to be tons of fun.

  6. The DU on liferoot is fine if you build for 4 lanes. However it is too easy to consolidate two lanes into one and get more bang for your defense buck. Most maps with subcores open up entirely new lanes that we must build specifically to counter. At best you can hope to combine a new lane into an existing lane but its not always that nice. In liferoot one of the main lanes combines with another main lane when the subcore falls and the new lane is just some air that flies directly down the now consolidated main lane. On top of this the consolidated lane actually pours into a rather tight bottleneck that is very easy for a squire to block off. This makes the map actually easier when we let the subcore fall which I think is counter to the intended subcore design.

  7. Bad people will do bad things is not a good excuse to do anything other than prepare to counter them. By your same logic we shouldn't do anything ever because some unethical person will come and screw it up.

    @› Rabid Lemming quote:

    Those of you in support of keeping it as is consider this... Trendy can never allow trading with other players if they keep the gold grind this steep. Why? Chinese gold farmers will move in and supply for cash what people don't want to grind. It will become a 100% pay to win system where only those that could afford to drop cash on the gold farmers earn the best upgraded gear. Of course with gold farmers comes spam advertisements for buying the gold. If you played any other MMO you probably know what I'm talking about. Can't go more than 2 minutes without getting your chat box packed with spam about buying gold.

    If the grind for gold is reasonable for upgrading gear then it wont be viable for farmers to make money off of. If the grind is left as is then a trading system will be nothing but trouble.

  8. Harpoon oiling targets is great, except that fire damage is magic and harpoon is a physical damage tower. With NM resists this isn't a combo we are going to see or use very much. Unless Trendy has plans for non-magical elemental damage it seems to me to be wasted effort with the current game.

  9. You don't give up an uber slot for Flamethrower. You equip the uber, drop the towers, put a different uber in.

    The biggest problem i see with Flamethrower is the range. I know it has reduced or no threat but that still leaves the issue of placement with ogre stomp to consider. The damage would need to be really really high to be worth the hassle. Even then Flamethrower's range basically means it must be in range of the stomp to be effective which is a huge reason to just use a trap or aura instead. The only solution I can think of is to make towers immune to ogre's stomp. We'd still need to carefully control where the basic attacks land but at least there would be a chance for the defense to function.

  10. Flameburst is an area damage source and it scales as one. This creates a problem. Magic damage effectively only has access to a single target damaging defense at level 50 after getting an uber. That is far too many barriers to access a defense that does and scales for single target damage. Physical starts with a single target damage defense. People use Cannon because it scales very well and it gets that great scaling because it is single target. Magic needs access to a single target defense that isn't locked behind an uber. Apprentice already has two area damage defenses, lets make one single target.

  11. I think resist lanes in general arent good for the game. They severely restrict build diversity as we effectively cannot combine certain towers. It is also leaving each damage type lacking in methods of damage. Magic has no good high scaling single target tower like cannon for instance. I think magic and phys resist should be in the pool of random bonuses the lanes get so that we are encouraged to mix damage types. This would also alleviate the issues this thread has brought up with enemies of opposite resist to the main lane screwing us. It would also make heroes better at situationally swapping lanes as that is also currently severely curtailed. An Apprentice is completely useless in magic res lanes in NM for instance. This wouldnt be so bad if half the lanes werent magic res.

  12. We should report the damage type the pet does as well. I suspect the elements are tied to it but a cant be sure. It would also be good to list the pet types that have been recorded to have an ability so we can identify the species pools for the more ambiguous abilities. Some are obvious, like gato fireworks, but some arent. The curses and hexes are probably creeper but that isnt assured.

  13. The price is per item you are fusing. The amount of the price increases for every level you upgrade. It needs to be like this or the gold we get is meaningless as we will have more than we could ever spend. It isnt worth fully fusing an item that will be easily replaced but those cheap early fusions are definitely worth it. It is a good system if you take a wider view of things.

  14. I have an average Ipwr over 300 and I have never once done a NM map that wasn't private. NM is frankly too hard to trust to pick ups when those same pick ups make the most horrific newbie mistakes in lesser difficulties that are assured to lose the map in NM. Also level 50 does not automatically make you worthy of NM. Not even close. NM requires very good gear and excellent play. Go into endgame hard. Learn to play with the elevated resists. Learn to hold down a lane and stop the stupid wandering because your lane had a 2 second lull between spawns. Learn to deal with bosses and learn to trust other people to deal with bosses. Once you have taken these basic steps go find others like yourself and give NM a try.

  15. The current system precludes me from even trying it. I want some of the premium pets but I have been holding off until I learned more about pets. Now that we know stats scale differently on evolution based on the rarity (according to the recent devstream) I will not be putting gems into the pet casino. Random result paid content is always an absolute turn off. If you want my money I better know exactly what I will get or I'm just not going to spend. Either we get some way to assure we get a legendary premium or I will not touch premium pets and I will advise everybody I can to do the same.

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