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  1. As an introduction this will be a thread for my thoughts and problems with the functionality and graphics for the defenses for Squire, Apprentice, Series EV, Huntress and Monk in Nightmare Mode Survival. The idea came up to me when I saw the Series EV trailer recently again and noticed the ridiculous builds used in it (on top of that no boost beams can be seen), especially the walls at 1:04 which I assume must be some kind of inside joke as that would never work in a real build. I'll use three categories to describe specific things for each type of tower, they are as follows: Game Functio
  2. If the host is unable to really play smoothly even though they have a great connection due to various performance reasons, the clients will feel it. The host needs to let them know whats going on and if the host's computer is spending all its resources trying to just display what's going on there is no resources for it to do other things. This is true, however it's also true for my entire group and everyone we tested with and one common denominator for us is fairly low upload speed. If I or others in the group were to host the game with six players freeze lag would be 100% guaranteed (we us
  3. Pingtest: As for the testing first hand, sounds like an excellent idea. Sent Steam ID in a message. :) Edit: Hardware Specifications: Mainboard : Asus P5Q Premium Chipset : Intel P45/P43 Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3000MHz Physical Memory : 4096MB (2 x 2048 DDR2-SDRAM ) Video Card : ATI Radeon HD 5670 Hard Disk : Western Digital WD6401AALS-00L3B2 ATA Device (640GB) DVD-Rom Drive : RSZEXI B89Q3OXUNC Monitor Type : NEC Technologies LCD175VXM+ - 17 inches Network Card : Marvell Semiconductor (Was: Galileo Technology Yukon 88E8056 PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Controller Network C
  4. This sounds like a completely different issue altogether to me, and in fact a lack of bandwidth issue. Could you please post a speedtest.net test? Does it happen when you have fewer players? Because this sounds like a bandwidth issue to me. If you don't have enough up bandwidth as the host, what you describe is exactly what will happen. I could not host a full group on Monster Fests (8 players) without incredible lag. However, after my up bandwidth was increased, the lag was much better Before any certain point of time, could you host 6+ players with no lag complaints from anyone?
  5. The old thread Unplayable lag... was closed down as it appeared the bug had been fixed, I even stated so myself actually. However, as it turns out I was wrong and the bug is far from fixed, just reduced within certain criteria. For short reference my old points still stand here and here (except that it is most likely network-based, which I didn't think at the time). Now the problem appeared when we were playing six people on Talay Mine Complex, we started out on wave 28 nightmare and we're using this build if you want to replicate the problem. As I've said in the other thread the host w
  6. It seems I'll be one of the first to report my findings here then. I hosted an Aquanos with the same setup that lagged for three minutes straight (Note: No Lightning Aura and no Inferno Traps) before the patch and it was apparently semi-playable for the others. That is a huge step forward I suppose but there was still a two second delay for them except for the host/me with four players in at the same time. Hopefully there's ways to reduce this lag further.
  7. [QUOTE]just to be sure... they werent poison immune enemies? (did you have an elestripper -darkness/SD?) [/QUOTE] The testing was done in pure strategy so no - however at wave 22 in the other example for the dark elf warriors we had strength drain/ensnare. A build shouldn't be forced to use ensnares which is the case now since the monsters are moving at a ridicilously fast speed. I personally think the run speed inside the ensnare aura is too fast to even be their normal speed outside the ensnare aura (except for wyerns which strangely seem unaffected from the rest).
  8. [QUOTE]Heh. Dude, where's my lag? Yep. FPS isn't network lag. FPS is visual lag. Which is why I split these things up. Frame rate issues won't affect your ping. I've given all the data that's required. Trust me. Not my first rodeo. It's always a problem, whenever you have a heavy aura build. The reason is because auras are causing damage to most of the monsters objects simulataneously. This in turn creates a lot of network traffic. I appreciate you're a mod, and this is what you've been told to tell people, but you're misunderstanding. I'm not talking about the game freezing while I r
  9. I'll bump this thread as the problem has gotten a lot worse with the new map Talay Mine Complex. I've been experimenting a bit with Series EV to see if it's possible to build without the game lagging for everyone else but there's essentially no point as all mobs move so fast inside ensnare aura they hardly get damaged at all by proton/shock-beams - my stats at the time were 2610/3728/1892/3112 so they weren't exactly the problem. As I see it this is not a single problem but multiple problems created by monsters moving too fast. To begin with shock beam is completely worthless on higher waves
  10. Time for a new post - for reference my first post is here and my second post is here. I'll keep this short. Nothing is fixed and nothing has been confirmed, it actually seems to have gotten worse. Now the reason I'm posting again is we got this lag while playing... Pure Strategy on Talay Mine Complex. With five active players and the one hosting having 100/100 mbps we got so much lag the mana amount didn't update at all for about 40 seconds before things started going down and we died - as always the host had no issues whatsoever. Just for the sake of it we tried hosting it on Insane instea
  11. As the title implies one can only have four active players at once instead of six on Talay Mining Complex while playing Pure Strategy. I vaguely recall Karathiki Jungle had the exact samme issue but I coulnd't find the threads by searching so I made a new one. This might not be on the top of the priority list seeing as almost no one plays this mode, but I'm hoping to finish this one with the next patch when the mob count (hopefully) goes down. :) Edit: I somehow managed to post this in PC/MAC Patch notes, feel free to move it to PC/Mac - Tech Support & Bug Reports where I intended to p
  12. First of all, in response to the quote below. If you've read this thread you would see the effects of this problem is reduced by 80-95% by being the host, so it's not really fixed just because it got better for you as the host. [QUOTE]After reading the above thingy, knowing I have ASUS graphics card I tried uninstalling something that was somehow related to graphics card. I can't really remember what was there, I don't think it was that OSD thing. Anyway, whatever happened, now I was able to host 4 player aquanos no problem! Still had some fps lag when the biggest crowds of mobs were being
  13. I just tried out Oasis MonsterFest with five players or so in total to get their feedback and the issue is definitely still there. Inferno seems to affect the issue the most but even without them there's still a very noticeable lag effect according to those in my game (for information on anything that's known so far, see my previous post). I would also like to add the issue doesn't start until the second the mobs start taking damage from anything, so it can be fine the first 8-16 seconds at the start of the round before they get attacked.
  14. I just noticed on an Aquanos run djinns desummoning things left and right on for me relatively low waves (21-25) when I've had very little issues with them with lower tower stats on wave 28-30 before the patch. The djinn flying bug was in effect before the patch where they would just ignore all defenses and desummon things at will but it was relatively rare and you could recover at the end of the round most of the time. However this time I've seen them desummon multiple defenses each round and one even came as far as my wall which has never ever happened before (except when they sneak up from
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