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  1. Still not free. I run the game on my lads machine, just to check if he got it but he still hasn't. I guess he wont be getting this then as it's Wednesday now and only 19 hours left. I know it's cheap and i allready own it,but the point is, it's meant to be free for ppl who don't own it. So i thought i might get it for my lad being it was free.
  2. At last i was so close to un-installing this game. At least i can past the first few waves now,that's better than not passing any at all on nm soloing kings map strategy. Hopefully i can progress now.
  3. I would be happy to pay for new maps like the chess one,but only if they fix progression in nm mode first. also poll should have had other as well.
  4. There we go again with the old players had it easier bull****, it simply is not true. Try dealing with djinn without summoners or evs or barbs or jesters, that's how old players had it. Bs. The djinn are much easer than the copters anyday of the week. Also back then you did not need the summoner,nm mode was no were near as hard as it is now. also the djinn got a nerf as well. You lot had easy farm mode for a long time simple fact. [edit]as volkamar said this only hard part was the disconnects,but we still get them anyway. we can start at later lvls now,but still not always
  5. Game shouldn't revolve around player shops or grinding the same map way too many times. I agree. The kings maps fixed that until the high end players started to cry. The worst part is the map was not end game map,it was meant to be a bridge map for the adv players. But the high end players seen it as a threat to there afk/paypal shops. many of us have jobs ect ect,so no way we can put in tons of hours each week,the only ppl that can do that are the ones that do not work. So while there claiming government money,they are prob also supporting themselves with the paypal shops. And
  6. Bah 15% was not enough still imposable unless you got real high stats. So much for the bridge to help non-elitist players into nightmare. Trendy makes real fun maps,then messes it all up in one fail swoop of a patch. gg trendy,i guess you really do like your 1-2% of elite players. Cater for the mass you might just find we will have fun,and buy more of your products,instead of these top end players with there control of afk/paypal shops.
  7. Really? I was able to rotate a tower using the ability just fine. Hmm some ppl are having this prob with joypads. Not sure if the op is using a joypad though. if not verify the game see if that fixes it. As for the joypad waiting on trendy to see if they can find the prob.
  8. Can you plz fix this bug. been trying all day yesterday to rotate the harpoons but still no joy.
  9. A lot of people are talking about 'breaking into NM' and 'hitting a brick wall'. Please explain this to me - I've used aquanos and mistymire to turn my characters from top myth gear to top trans gear (over several runs). I didn't need a mega-easy map like the KG was, so why do you? I don't believe there is a 'brick wall' of any sort, just that the game gets tougher as you get higher up (like any sport). As the last DLC this should be about the hardest map in the game, surely? However, after the new patch, the map is slightly too hard so the -15% will help a lot. It is currently a huge amoun
  10. lowered the levels difficulty by 15%. now the question is how much did you up it before hand? I'm thinking is still be too hard unless ppl got 2.5k stats at least. so still us casual/solo players will still be hitting a brick wall and having no fun. just have to wait on the patch. if its still a joke,im un-installing it cannot be done with the stupid grind for random gear. and having to lvl and gear many chars just to play it now.
  11. Cheers to this friend, kings game was the first time I've had real, quality fun playing DD in a looong time :-\ and now they're taking it away from us New update has now it's taken the fun away. ffs this game was meant to be fun. Roll on gw 2 i'm gone. gg trendy lost another player and buyer.
  12. I agree with this. Wave 1 and all def's are destroyed, before was challenging enough and now it's just impossible. This ^^ have to say trendy did it again. These damn top end ppl should not be listen too. They have the best gear of course its going to be easy for them. also they have the best gear on many many chars as well. Great back to a brick wall and no fun gg Trendy. They should put it back to how it was.
  13. It's far harder now. I can't start at any higher waves than the first and hope to get anywhere anymore. :( Was trying it from the beginning to see what happens, but as it is, I got DC'd again after 3 waves. :/ Noo. ffs this what makes the game sux. bye bye fun map. The elitist got what they wanted again.
  14. Buddy when you can't stand the sight others having good fun, you can be sure have serious issues, really, seek help. Most prob he's losing money on his afk/paypal shop. it's the only thing i can think of when they keep crying about it. Trendy should make all the best drops easier to get,it will get rid of these paypal,over priced afk shops. then perhaps many of them will start to have fun playing rather than worrying about drops other ppl get.
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