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  1. How is having to find a weapon with the exact right passives for multiple heroes who each play very specific roles easier then just finding the passive itself and putting it on the weapon of a single hero who can fulfill all required roles?
  2. Ohoho, I don't think Trendy would ever do anything quite that terrible to us!
  3. That seems like a gross oversimplification of the actual steps needed to to defeat the Siege Roller, as well as a total lack of acknowledgement towards what is and isn't actually possible tower-wise. There are lots of questions not being asked here. For example: Can the Siege Roller be halted by slow or freezing effects? I don't know the answer to that, but it's a potential avenue of success that involves towers. And the only reason people aren't asking questions like this is out of stubbornness and lack of respect towards this new feature.
  4. I don't understand what the point of arguing what genre the game belongs in even is. A genre is a loose arbitrary definition, it doesn't actually hold any bearing on what the game is at its core or how people play it. In fact it's very much the other way around. Besides the game has action elements, it's only good sense to give the player reason to use them. Otherwise what's the point in including them at all?
  5. I'm having a grand old time telling people why they shouldn't place their Proton Beams nodes directly in the middle of the lain. Of course, why would they listen? This same old song and dance happens all the time. New features are added to a game that forces people to look up from whatever book they're reading and actually pay attention, and everyone who doesn't like it bands together to complain about how it's the most unintuitive, least user-friendly thing they ever could have added. Until a few months later when they add the next game changing feature. Then that one is the worst thing to ev
  6. For clarification: This is a post from iamisom clearly stating there was currently NO plans to add it, and he posted CONCEPT ART and said to post in that thread to gauge interest. It was never stated that the Dark Assassin was being worked on or would be released. That same forum post has a link to a web.archive page that clearly suggests otherwise. Chances are there were plans to add it, but it likely isn't being worked on at the moment or may even have been abandoned.
  7. Would you listen to yourself!? "I don't like this new enemy because I think it looks dumb, and you aren't putting all your efforts into making the enemy that I want! You the developers of the game, owe me (a person who has contributed literally nothing towards this game's creation) everything I ask for!"
  8. Having played Abyss lord a bit, OPs assessment that the Abyss Stones need to be nerfed seems fair. When stacked on top of one another anything in range is completely wiped, quite frankly there are a number of occasions where on smaller maps I don't even need to worry about enemies reaching my towers. Can't say I've used Knight of the Abyss enough to tell whether a cooldown increase is fair or not, but seeing as how I don't use it that often anyways nerfing it in such a manner isn't something I'd particularly mind.
  9. Thanks for informing me of that! I didn't really have much doubt that they might expand upon additional classes in the future, but It's always great to know for sure what has been said.
  10. I picked up this game along with a friend just yesterday, and so far I'm almost completely sold. The level of progress, improvement, and refinement over the original formula is outstanding in all regards, and part of me feels as though I never want to go back to the original. But there's one thing keeping me attached to the first game. Classes like Series EV, the Barbarian, and the Summoner were inventive and interesting, and I can't help but long to be able to play with the mechanics they introduced in the new game. I've looked high and low, and the only mention so far that I've seen of these
  11. Could you create a MediaFire download link please? Thanks!
  12. Personally, I'd prefer some kind of male skin for the Series EV. I tend to play characters of the same gender as mine.
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