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  1. Contact me through this post if you need help, i'll gladly help! Love, Kmp
  2. would love to see your build in ddplanner ;) I would love to put this on ddplanner but the map isn't on ddplanner yet :(
  3. This is a build for Sky City, NM HC MM 20+ Gaurentee http://ddplanner.com/?l=9170,sky-city-nm-hc-mm-wave-20-gaurentee Read the notes for where to put summons. Squire - xxxx/30xx/xxxx/22xx Wall EV - 34xx/xxxx/xxxx/xxxx Aura monk - 13xx/27xx/21xx/2xxx Buff EV - xxxx/29xx/xxxx/xxxx [COLOR="[[316,hashtags]]"]Traptress - [/COLOR]19xx/2xxx/27xx/17xx Summoner - 2xxx/28xx/15xx/14xx Problems 1). South crystal needs a monk tower boost of 1xxx after wave 20, ogres can reach crystal with their attack once in awhile, so heavy dps on them down there will pretty much secure it. Map View North Vi
  4. What sort of multiplier do you get out of it. If it is good I may have to break out a Monkey + Propellor Cat Summoner and give it a go. What do you mean multiplier? Like, hero attack, or %, if it's % you're asking it's 100 + (number) Mine is 169% cause it's 69.
  5. On wave 24, i'll post a ScreenShot of the pet and its stats from insane.
  6. The pet is a guardian that increases your hero damage. Does it stack with hero boost?
  7. Sky City survival consists of 30 waves and the pet is rewarded on wave 25. Dang alright. Well what is the pet, dps or tower?
  8. Could you give us a screenshot also :) Well it's just insane. But if you still want a screenshot, gladly.
  9. The pet isn't on 15. Might be 20 like Aquanos. Yeah i'm on wave 18 right now, i'll inform if it's at wave 20.
  10. I would prefer wave 35 though, better and more drops.
  11. I hope so. I'm doing it on insane as we speak to test this out.
  12. Yes I know that, I mean what wave the pet is given to you on survival mode. >_
  13. So, does anyone know what wave the pet drops at in sky city, or how many waves there are in sky city survival? [COLOR="[[1561,hashtags]]"] Edit :Pet drops at wave 25, Sky city survival goes up to wave 30.[/COLOR] This is from insane. It boosts your hero's damage like a gaurdian.
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