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  1. Friday PSN: aaronnn28 Saturday if not Friday. :)
  2. I spent a good 30mins thinking on what to upgrade xD. I was gonna put 125 into hero damage but thought best not to risk it, least now when i hit 78 (75 atm) i should have around 450+ hero damage :P Haha true. lol. At least you got a chicken better than my friend did: pink chicken with 11 upgrades xD
  3. dont do glitterhelm. do mistymire and just do the first wave with 4 people. 180k exp in about 30-90sec. In my opinion, doing glitterhelm is a lot better for leveling up. If you do a near-perfect run, you get about 2 million xp and it only takes about 7-8 minutes each run. Plus, if you go back to the tavern after each successful run, the tavern keeper guy sells good stuff sometimes. :D
  4. 132 UPGRADES??!! LUCKY! But I think that if you put all of those upgrades into base damage, that would be a super chicken. :D
  5. PSN: aaronnn28 May I have bracket 5 please (Friday)? And this is pacific time right? Just to make sure EDIT: aaronnn28, Friday, Bracket 5
  6. oh.. well i might consider joining. :)
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