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  1. Agreed. A 225^ oculus is total boss, but there are a lot of fairly new players that have them (not legit ones, but they have them) Having a 150^+ Arronax is plenty strong for the the game and it's all about the bragging rights :)
  2. to a certain degree...its cool to have events from different games and genres...but to have a weapon strictly made for DD by trendy themselves would not be a bad idea at all. These weapons are made strictly for DD. . . I don't think you can use them in other games . . . But I haven't tried. I think your just complaining about the name of the weapons but I don't see how a weapon called the "ogre killer" or "ninja slayer" or "eternia gun" would be better than a weapon with a fun outside reference.
  3. Isn't every single pet in the game along with their random names an outside reference?
  4. Just got it the other day, and I almost didn't play the event today I've been so glued to it. I've read a few reviews that said the console version fixed all the complaints people had about the PC version
  5. So are those staffs pretty similar to a 140 Oculus? Yes. It's great! Not OP but a good staff for some of the newer players to help them farm a better one. And for us veterans, a good staff to play around with :)
  6. [QUOTE=heer29 It all got sorted out[/QUOTE] Of course it got sorted out! Heer takes care of business ;)
  7. Good event! Not too hard (although we had two red crystals at the end so maybe it was) a nice break from the recent very difficult events :) Gamer was a great host and had good tips and suggestions for the team. I would definitely make sure you have a team for this one cause one weak member and that's it, I got lucky. Also side note I pulled two 80^ pets and 75^ resistance chain chest from tavern ;)
  8. At least you can cheat sometimes. -_-;; I've had recent abdominal health problems, still unresolved, since May. Ones that are likely within the intestines. But as part of it, I stopped eating meat and dairy. And then later I stopped gluten, which seems to have helped the most. But since I'm doing it for health (and out of fear,) I cannot cheat. At all. Which is tough since my store now serves French pastries that we are constantly warming up and serving for customers. Sorry to hear that. Gluten is a problem with lots of people, it's just for most the symptoms aren't severe and they just get
  9. OOOO Nice! thank you more projectiles will be awesome!! I can see an extra projectile or two down the middle just cause at those stats you would have to be right up on a boss to equal the same DPS an oculus could do at a distance with 140^ Ps even if you kept everything the same though, they both seem like very good very usable weapons :)
  10. I'm so glad my family has a good build, because then I would be fat. :( Agreed :) I look good and so does all my family despite the fact that we all eat like crap. By all rights I should be 250 lbs but thankfully I have an active job. But, . . . When the wife decides you and her are going on a diet, you either join and support her or dramatically reduce the amount of sex you have . . . And that's not really a choice :P
  11. So I'm on the Paleo diet, that means no wheat, no grains, no sugar besides what's naturally in organic fruits and veggies, no dairy (cheese and milk), no beans (which includes peanuts),no vegetable oil and other oils, no gluten, nothing processed. What I can eat is meats and vegetables and fruits but they have to be organic (they have to cost way to much). On top of this I'm going to a CrossFit gym every other day for intensive weight training and cardio exercises. The wife went to work and I have the day off. I ordered a x-large pepperoni pizza from Domino's and it was sooo good I teared
  12. Inspiration, here you go :) I know, I flash this to everybody, but I'm just so proud of it :) My advice is stick to insane, not +, I feel it's been proven that upgrade wise there is no difference. Might as well bear it easy and fast. Of course it is nice to be able to check boxes on +
  13. I want a donkey now time to do morrago pure strategy and only 25 mins Be happy to show you my setup, I'm sure there is better, but I like mine :)
  14. I have a clean one that has 87^ for LVL90 and is completly flat black in color. I think it's base damage is in the 200's... Edit: HAS EXTRA PROJECTILES :p Super Duper Jelly :) Seems like any high ^ donkey is missing extra projectiles... Yeah that's why I do runs on insane now. When I did a bunch of runs on hard, it seemed like 50% of them would be missing projectiles. Now on insane about 80% have the extra projectiles
  15. What's the highest you've gotten? The best I've farmed was a 50 upgrade This run of farming I've pulled two 50^ each missing extra projectiles. The last time I was farming donkeys I pulled a 63^ one, but have since accidentally deleted it.
  16. Thought it'd be ok the way I put it, but your probably right I'll delete it from my post to be safe :)
  17. If you get one with a starting base over 300 or 400 let me know, even if it has low upgrades. I'll let you know if I do, but so far I haven't seen one break 300 yet
  18. Time to increase my luckSince I did'nt done morrago pure strategie for a long time, remember me at wich wave we got donkeys, 15? Yes when you get to 15, so bring your extra controllers in at 14 and you'll get 4 donkeys. If you start on wave 8 it takes about 30-35 min on insane :)
  19. I agree NNNNNOOOOO!!! I collect them! Have 6 so far because no one wants to farm them just the weapons.... :( Lol sorry, my tavern was full up with all donkeys. I sacrificed 58 and kept three. Although as I was dropping them on the floor of Glitterhelm I think they started disappearing around 40. My next batch I'll offer you a chance to pick through before I sacrifice them :)
  20. This is for you oh great Lava God of Glitterhelm . . . I hope you like donkey :P
  21. Good job :) I find that the old insane build still works really good, SnD, aura stack, and fire trap at each choke. But you can't use two SnD for the wyvrens anymore, I use one SnD and an aura shrinker to get an ensnare and electric in front of the crystal. Then shrunk auras and a harpoon for middle crystal with magic blockades and proxy mines around it for spiders :)
  22. Can't say I haven't tried all the way through in awhile but set some time aside cause if I remember correctly it takes like 6 hours to do a lot of the non dlc maps. And as I tip cause I've been doing a lot of donkey runs, I've found that a fire ball tower boosted with huntress guardian does double what a harpoon does boosted, or at least almost double :)
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