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  1. Lol had to log on just to type this. Time to quit again.
  2. Just looked around and just answer my own question :D
  3. Had Val as a host. She was great. Just wondering if there was a neon blue spanky?
  4. Got my tower to 165/540/100/485 just to update who ever was curious
  5. I'm trying to make a tower apprentice but i don't know how i should allocate those point. I'm at 174/198/174/121 just allocating those hero point no armor/Pet upgrade yet. I could get my Tatk close to 700 but he ain't no squire lol. So if you guy/gal can throw me some number i can try to get close to it will be helpful. Or you can invite me to talk about it because i have no idea what to do. Psn - DemonLordSenny
  6. Yea i totally forgot about today. Didn't even check the list until i was checking an msg from a friend and notice i got an invite from trendy 1 hour ago. Sorry trendy for not joining and it was gonna be my 1st modify event.
  7. Was a fun event. My host was xNOxONEx. The last wave was the craziest part. Multiple missing tower lol
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