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  1. i think you should help them, but teah them along the way. i say this because more than likely, they are just going to go to another lobby to get someone to help them.
  2. Is it just me or is this game crumbling fast? I think when the events ended a lot of players left. To me this game used to be addicting, then it became almost impossibe to level and the final dlc is near impossible and gives a random, usually bad, wepon or pet. In my opinion the game needs to be patched several more times to make it worth grinding the levels to 90. The community has sunken to an alll time low. It is almost impossible to get in a match without getting kiked. In less than a year on consel, i think there will be mabey 5 or 6 lobbys at a time. On pc it will probably last longer bu
  3. i hate when people ****d event items and refuse to trade them. for example my friend has over 20 skittles 3 peter griffens 3 shenrons 4 lil carnages 2 mentors and many more event items. half of them are clean
  4. if you have a chiblast it makes it easier
  5. i kick people that cant hold there own weight in the map im running and if they are below 50 i will lvl them to 70 or 60 and i dont kick unless im doin dlc map waiting for someone or if the people cant hold their own
  6. http://ddplanner.com/?l=11387,my-maroggo-console-setup is my set up but yours is good too. i dont know how well this works on insane but i can easily do it on hard solo or with someone else
  7. i can help i can do 1.4 million dps
  8. i think it was the robot because on ps3 me and my friend were playing and i saw that halfway across glitterhelm
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