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  1. Aqua: Trans from ~15 I've got two supreme weapons, both droppped W18 HC aqua on the same game (solo) in 7.32 I guess you are refering to the area specific loot, in which case, a good reason to return to aqua surv :D I'm getting about double or more the trans and supreme drops in aquanos since the patch. Item stats for area specific loot have gone up, but item quality is drastically higher for whatever reason.
  2. If you were doing misty prior to sharken, do aquanos now. I say it constantly, but aquanos is easier to handle with sharken and djinn than mistymire ever was. I used to beat misty on NMHC MM, now I have a hard time getting past the mid-20s, while I've beaten aquanos NMHC MM four or five times in the past week (pending goldfish luck). In terms of what waves things are dropping, here are some number for aquanos since release for me. NMHC: -earliest TRANS was wave 15, avg 1 trans every other wave past 20 -earliest SUPREME was wave 20, avg 1 supreme per run at max NMHC MM: -earli
  3. I feel bad for lower-tier players trying to break past 20 in shards maps. Current builds require a lot of DU to be put into things like gas traps, strength drain, ensnare aura on every lane with buff beams, lest you have sharken and djinn messing with everything. When more veteran players were making the same progression, more DU could be spent on raw firepower to clear lanes. Newer players are forced to do more with less, so it is difficult, and for most maps there really is only one or two basic ways to build a map (yes there are dozens of iterations of that same basic build, but your tr
  4. So I see in threads frequently the general displeasure of the community as a whole over the custom match filter system, the ensuing arbitrary kicking of people and the general dysfunction of being able to create a cohesive group capable of succeeding at appropriate maps out of disparate players. I, personally, am a primarily solo player, in large part due to the difficulty in using either the custom match or quick match options, things just never seem to end well unless I am getting seriously carried by a benevolent max-gear person. Now I have seen the sort of complaints we see in threads
  5. Tested the new build 9 - > 24, when a goldfish got mid crystal. Overall impressions were that there was a little more buildup on lanes that required manual cleanup, but outside of goldfish, everything functioned fine.
  6. I'm currently testing this setup: South: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/596970082500852900/74CE1B6ADD5530D7F248D0815A4E4B3087DB6FF0/ Those are 6du and 4du buff beams. I completely eliminated the 4du buff beam on the stairs as my electric aura reaches the 6du buff beam (2.1k aura range). Mid: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/596970082500856392/10C82BEEF065DE7FEA77CC9AE3621A48858B3710/ North: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/596970082500851610/99297DC1019913AA0132B1AC42D775259C452B16/ Only used gas traps, no proxy/dark/inferno. I'll post the full build if things go well and an
  7. Good call on the fireball, I occasionally get a backup there with djinn in particular. As far as solutions to the goldfish, I can only think of two options, and neither is great. One, which seems profligate and wasteful, would be to pump more DU into the defense (shock beam, bouncer, upgrade from MM to fireball/2 MM) at the cost of maybe the north crystal's fireball tower. The second, equally non-ideal, would be to use a DST to get more time to kill the goldfish. Both options seem like a waste and really only serve a purpose for one occasional mob.
  8. Here's the build I used: http://ddplanner.com/?l=5795,pikklez-aquanos-nmhcmm-testing Apologies if formatting is odd, never used the DDPlanner prior to this. As stated, everything was great until the goldfish on the south crystal from lower spawn point. The north crystal's northwest wall had to be placed on top of the ledge on its east terminus to get the buff beam hitting everything, but aside from the cosmetic eyesore, it worked fine.
  9. Kandar, I messed around with a build along the lines of what you suggested just now, and it was incredibly stable. Replaced Darkness traps with proxies, set up north crystal exactly as you mentioned, put up a strength drain by the ensare at south crystal for lane debuff, but kept mid exactly as it is in mixed mode. I ran it through wave 20 on NMHC MM when a goldfish got through to south crystal from lower spawn point, one shotting it. Outside of that, I had zero issues, no repairing during waves, just cycled boosts and killed ogres.
  10. Kandar: I have a conceptual question about the build. What are the advantages in using harpoons over other turrets at this point? In terms of DPS to DU ratios, fireball towers are superior, and the piercing of harpoons seems somewhat wasted with the auras taking care of pretty much everything except ogres. I compared the kills of my harpoons and fireball turrets at wave 25 of NMHC MM Aquanos, and found that the harpoons were not getting many more kills (a difference of around 20 kills). Is there a reason to still favor over other options still?
  11. On the test build, the magic missile tower had 28 kills for me at wave 25. I think it's safe to move things around there.
  12. Kandar, ran the map a few more times. Mix Mode build is *drastically* more stable to use on regular survival. It is significantly easier to maintain and handles the "rushes" of various mobs extremely well. I had one issue in the northern area with the northeast occasionally letting a sharken get terrifyingly close if a major backup allowed a group of mobs to move forward during a trap rearm time. That said, it never caused a wipe. I don't anticipate going back to the regular survival build.
  13. I need the campaign victory badly. I have a dps monk, a 3.1k tower dmg squire and assorted other builders. Add me on steam if you are going to run it at some point, maybe tomorrow daytime.
  14. yea but doesnt it shoot lightning and hit for fire dmg Shows generic damage in the tavern, the wiki has some weird information on this weapon.
  15. Middle crystal is buggy for me still. Ogres on wave 21 are 1-shotting the crystal through reflection beam and out of melee range. I have no idea how, but second time this happened today. The "replay" made it look like a poison ball just went straight through a reflector. It was the only time that area had any problems today, and i even shortened the northeast wall to a 2-DU so I could set the 2 + 3 DU walls out further from the harpoon with a buff beam. I thought that would ensure no melee attacks on the harpoon were a possibility. Wave 21 remains my bane, I need to gear up my aura monk
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