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  1. When you have a tower guy u want a weapon what do you do? For Squire? For Huntress? For Monk? For Apprentice? For e.v
  2. Everyone thats legit plays on open. Open is for mods/Custom maps
  3. Welcome to the community! Enjoy your time here. If you ever need anything, just ask.Can i ask for anything? I want 50 million dollars lol. You will have a great time have a dps then focus on squire/monk builders.
  4. Blind man typing? U can read though or someone do it 4 u?
  5. We really only need 4-6. We can be the NMHC farmers or something. Bored of farming by myself post here or pm if interested. If u dont like NMHC farmers then give me any other name please. Need friends to farm with.
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