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  1. First, i dont even build any air towers because they are all SO weak that my ranged dpser that i dont even try to work on can do the job 100x better but if we look at tower DPS across the board you can see that it becomes really unfair. a dryad slime pit 3200 dps COST 30 mage fire sup 900 dps COST 40 -EDIT sorry hit enter am i missing something or is it just worthless to even try to use older heroes because the towers are just not worth it, they seem 50%-75% weaker than other heroes, even the summoners Archers dont hold a light to the slime pits, (more so you dont always get to use both archers) i just want the ability to use any hero to build, mix-n-match and have fun with it. honestly i want to use the mage and not feel like im being punished for it
  2. so no point for me to come back that sucks, im not a big fan of the other game modes. oh well cant win them all
  3. bump because id still like to know
  4. is there any plans on making onslaught another option for gearing out or no? and i do mean by getting the best gear not just random gear. just wondering
  5. oh yes gear going up. thought that was a given but saying it doesnt hurt :) i personally dont like farming one map for an item as in higher ipwr gloves and chest. THE WEAPONS ARE FINE, farm for those sure why not. but the higher ipwr should drop in a higher level in onslaught. you can make it so we have to do THAT map on onslaught, so we just dont go to the easy map and afk farm it to hell.(think after revamp there is always one map that is easy over all the rest so make us mix it up if we want to unlock the really high level gear.)
  6. so in the past ive made posts blasting how bad onslaught is, with little to NO ideas to make it better and that is unfair.and seeing as the Devs seem to actually talk to its players thought hey why not give it a shot and see what they say. allow me to start a game in private and change it to public, or allow me to pick new public game. I like to start from the beginning. allow the host the ability to kick even if it is just him/her self and one other. (i dont like afkers, it is why i dont host a lot of games). no horde, no no no. there is no reason just no. you want to push us against the ropes? break our will? destroy our hopes? fine boss wave. make it fun and rewarding at the same time. (i swear to you if you do this and make it only 5 bosses total..... push us have it start out small if you want and ramp up like crazy ) let us push the wave, like fast forward or start 2 or 3 waves back to back. (capping out at 3) let us pick where we start ( think dd1 being to start on wave X but this would be starting on round X) sorry not a lot of ideas but its what i got so far.
  7. would it be possible to just turn off horde in onslaught please? im BEGGING you for all that is right in this game turn it off. and then at a later time fix it? please?
  8. it doesnt change anything in onslaught seeing as anything that drops is off the boss and that is a set amount of stuff, then the item at the end of every 3 so meh.
  9. i hope i will be able to kick people without voting..... as of right now im in another onslaught game mode and its me and one other all he is doing is AFKING, wont G nothing just running the timer out. i lost a wall was able to get back on my feet but he didnt move..... some real BS there. if its me and 2 others or 3 others ill vote it out. but if its me and one other, i want the power to kick.
  10. my very first go at NM4 onslaught and its going great (yes going.... still) about 2 hours in finally wave 15 really though? 2 hours to get to the highest ipower? GOD that is some real BS, even if i rush G'd everything i doubt ill get it under an hour, so boring SO SO SO boring. either let us skip to round 12 or 13 (remember DD1 we could skip up to a point) have it reach cap ipower sooner and make it hard 4 builders r just afking right now.... is this how the game is supposed to be played?
  11. when i launch the game it loads in then i get a black screen with PRE - ALPHA in the top left button at the bottom for the overlay (does nothing of any real use) so ya... lets try this seeing as its been close to an hour and nothing.... Playverse Username - SnFuBaR One Sentence Bug Description - Black screen Step by Step Instructions - launch game get black screen Media - shut your monitor off get a sticky write PRE - ALPHA and stick it in the top left there you have it. Further Details - Anything else about the bug you want to tell us? no.
  12. personally i would like this as an option. when testing builds out i could store up extra mana on my toons so if i lost a building but didnt fail the round i could adjust 3 or 4 maybe more and upgrade them all the way as if nothing had happened.
  13. it really comes down to giving the host options -OR- making it were each person has there own loot. lets say there are 4 types of loot bad good great god. i host a game and set up that its FFA on bad good great, and make it were only i can loot god. what this does is cut down on TOTAL LOOT DROPPED but gives a great deal of power the host. the other- everyone getting there own loot to drop means that in survival games nearing the end the insane amount of mobs that could show up meaning the insane amount of loot that could drop can easily lag out bad - ok PC.
  14. ya i played 2 games and now this is happening.
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