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  1. With these signs we have every letter save for Q, X, and Z. Most are stylised versions of the standard English alphabet ( G, T, S, etc.) with some being flipped vertically (W) or horizontally (J) but never rotated.
  2. Waffletime. I have taken the Fool to be my personal avatar in game as well as my DPS'er.
  3. Use a Jester/Fool. They are amazing :D
  4. If only there were a way to exchange forges like crystals. Dat Sky City forge.
  5. You wanna know what breaks the economy? The greedy little [REDACTED]s in AFK shops. This piece of mythical armor with decent stats is worth less than 5 mil in the tavern, not the 500 million you're selling it for. Oh? You found it in Aquanos you say? Big flipping deal, still not worth 500 million mana. It's a rare sight to find a decent myth for less than 200 mil these days.
  6. Obviously your build is not better if your towers are going down. Note: this is barring flipping Djinns hiding in the walls where they can't be hit.
  7. I've been asked to change my character twice. My response = selling their main defenses in my new class. My name is Waffletime and I approve this message.
  8. What an idiot :p I really think for the next 3 weeks jesters will be kicked, was the same with the summoner ;) I never played public games, why were summoners being kicked? EDIT By the by, is it strange that I pictured the Venetian from The Princess Bride (Fezzik?) at your imaginary reply?
  9. You have never set it on offline while inside the game? Not even once, only time I ever have set my Steam to be offline was when I first started playing Orcs Must Die! 2. These events took place long before then.
  10. won't work on 7.40b :( or my stats are to low :D Probably stats, they boosted the enemies.
  11. Thanks so much. Although I finally made my own build using my squire, that works fairly well. I can get to wave 16 at least (Steam Disconnect AGAIN) on NMHC with a friend helping. However enemy difficulty is being patched, so I will probably be stuck playing glitter insane for the billionth time to acquire 10m mana a run :( So long as you can get decent auras, harpoons and buff beams, Servant's Quarters is one of the easiest survivals to grind for experience and Mana (My girlfriend tossed out a Lvl 0 on wave 9 or so and was 74 by 14). Hell, If you have a good summoner, you can toss two groups of 1 Orc, 1 Mage, and 2 Archers at 2 spawn doors and it becomes even easier. My suggestion? Get a friend or someone to carry you through Magus and Servants quarters campaign and use Kandar's build for SQ and my build for MQ(just ignore the minions, it's possible without them) MQ survival setup: http://ddplanner.com/?l=8090,waffletimes-magus-nmhc-survival
  12. One of my worst was when I finally beat Magus Survival on Nightmare, logged off and turned my computer off for class. Class was cancelled, so I got back on, BAM! last three days rolled back. I was gone for 15 minutes, tops. Then there was the time I completed a survival, maxing out my Mana after staring at roughly 30 mil, immediately went to a shop after getting everything in order in my Tavern, and was back down to 30 mil again. I got rolled back during a flipping LOADING SCREEN. I've gotten rolled back so many times and gotten no help beyond "We have no record of you achieving [blank], but we could give you some Mana instead" that I back up everything to Open after every session. Never lost connection, so from what I can see, it's totally flipping random.
  13. Long story short, PUMP DAT MELEE!
  14. "This single individual is doing something! Let's change the games' mechanics just to screw with him specifically and no one else!" Seriously. This is what you are saying. The Tinfoil Hat Brigade is located in SPUF, not here.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1Y73sPHKxw
  16. Could not agree more. it all boils down to i want to have the best stuff,because we got them before the extra stuff like sharks and chopters got put in. Also control the afk shops. Sod the new ppl trying to progress,we want to control them through our shops. This game should be about having fun,not ego trips. So what we get the odd bit of good gear to progress,the fun is playing it. now i could just about solo that map and having fun at the same time,as well as helping me to gear up. the nerf will stop that i can bet you. The game is becoming a joke,choppers missiles hit so hard,don't even give time to mend the towers or upgrade them while soloing. Sharks move our bases all over the place. Sigh maybe it time to un-install it,as everytime us loners start progress,the elitist crys to hold us back,because they don't want us to progress,simply because they will lose control of there afk shops or cannot have an ego trip on the best gear they got on. Arh well not long for gw 2 then this game will def be del. This is why I never price things in multiple millions. The highest I go is 1.5-2 times Tavern price. And to the GW2 comment, 1. They are different games and 2. People said something similar about a certain sequel a few months ago.
  17. Dear lord. This is why I only play with my Gf and one of our mutual friends, even then I just sell what I need to get rid of straight from the inventory.
  18. So glad when I read the digest, it let me spend the extra cash in my steam wallet I had been saving on Orcs Must Die! instead.
  19. Mythical item drops are blue, Trans is purple, Supreme is yellow and I beleive Ultimate is... well actually I have no Idea I reckon it's orange Didn't even read the first post, huh?
  20. If this is implemented in some way, make the mechanism a big ol' lightswitch in your secret room. When you flip it to nightmare mode, it gives everything a skin change to be darker and scarier with the Tavernkeep reskinned as a Dark Elf.
  21. So to be able to summon the same towers as the other defenders? Being able to double up on your defenses makes many stages trivial enough, but at least it's limited to minions. being able to double your build, tower for tower is too much. And as for wyverns and Djinn summons, those don't exist for a reason, to hard to balance.
  22. Very good idea, Plasma! honestly I've never got that close to cap , but it's a nice feature to add. I've personally been looking for a decent Magic Lamp for over a week(Despite the fact that I'm using Kandars build and the fact my stats are way over recommended, Uber Death from Above remains unbeaten on NM for me solo. Stupid Sharken. :/) and I'm terrified that eventually I'll find one but the shop owner will have hit his cap.
  23. I call this the "Aperture Effect". You start off with a clearly defined core that everything branches off of. Each branch also has branches and so on. After spending a majority of time on these branches, you will inevitably return to the core but totally have forgotten the basics in the flood of advanced techniques. Named for that one bloody test that took me an hour and a half to solve in Portal 2 because I forgot I could walk through portals.
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