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  1. SID: Loviator Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Loviator Thanks a lot
  2. If you have enough mana you can take it to open and just upgrade it there
  3. What color to Trans show up as on your mini map
  4. I could help you. Just need help with the campaign? Yeah i get to the boss then cant beat him.
  5. I just need to unlock NM survival
  6. I was wondering if someone that can get high waves on aquanos survival let me tag along one time, ill upgrade and repair
  7. I have finally gotten my EV some what decently geared and Im wondering what stuff I can do with my heroes now. Monk 1961/1817/1684/1710 Series EV 1642/1671/1110/735 Summoner 1953/2526/2146/2176 I have a decent apprentice i needing of upgrades as well as my huntress, but with those stats what things can i do.
  8. What stats should i get on an EV. Tower builder stats or what.
  9. When upgrading armor what do you guys upgrade?
  10. Could someone post the stats of their summoner,ev and whatever else they use
  11. Depends on how overgeared you are. The original campaign up to Glitterhelm should be doable, Shards and DLC maps perhaps if you have people with tower boost and/or guardians. But I wouldn't count on being able to solo most things, or on high-end survival. Yeah Ive have a pretty strong summoner and monk,a semi decent apprentice. I found out i can rarely do shards maps.
  12. Is it possible to do most nightmare maps without having series ev beams?
  13. I was wondering what is the lowest stats can be to do nightmare, i used to do nightmare with just spiders :spider:, but now with the goblin copters it rough for me to try with some of the dropping ogres on me. By theway i'm a 75 apprentice.
  14. I used to play back when the level cap was 74, and now i come back to a 100 level cap and couple of different classes. I was just wondering whats the weakest class as of now and whats the supposed strongest. Thanks for the help
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