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  1. Hi everybody My favorites moments in this game are when I meet all my friend, cause we continu to play to together and not only on this game. 8 years leater we are still friend. Ty beautiful community Sevenser https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198037458612/
  2. Merry Christmas from Strasbourg https://zupimages.net/up/18/51/ https://zupimages.net/up/18/51/4vuh.jpg
  3. We improved it with ETIENNESUPER now, it's easier, I'll add he details later today.
  4. TY for your build Thaleskpl. And yes, you can post your build, the goal of this thread is to help players for this map. More build = more choice, then it's better. I'll remember your advice for the next build I'll share ;) Have a good day Sevenser
  5. Hi everybody, (sry per advance for my English) EtienneSuper and me did a build for Crystaline Resurgence 1 survival. This build works well, we worked on it to improve it and now, we would like to share it with you. For sure, you can probably do a better one, and if you do it, it's really nice from you to share it with the community. This build works well for 2 players who are playing summoner + gardians (Huntress + Apprentice). If you play in a 4 team players, swap to dps wave 30 or earlier if needed. My heros stats are : EV Tower : Hp 2818 Dmg : 5449 Shock beam stun time : 3221
  6. Hi, What is the probleme ? I don't see what you mean
  7. I'm working on the post ;) The final post will be here in less than a hour Edit : I didn't have Ogre stack with this build. The Build worked well, but when I added my second charac (The summoner with the monk gardian + Huntress Gardian), and I placed him close to the spider (last pic), the waves became easy. That was because the aura were bigger and no ninja came to destroy the wall. (sry for my english)
  8. Hi everybody, I would like to share with you my build for Arcane Library. I complete it today in nm hc with 2 charac (me + a controller one). I didn't try if it works for more than 2 players. My hero stats are : EV Tower : Hp 2818 Dmg : 5449 Shock beam stun time : 3221 Beam reset time / Beam Damage rate : 3910 Monk Tower : Hp : 3000 Dmg : 5962 Range : 3185 Fire rate : 4010 Wyzzard Tower : Hp : 2791 Dmg : 5228 Range : 2445 Fire rate : 3425 Summoner Minions : Hp : 3716 Dmg : 6147 Range : 3060 Fire rate : 2930 DU used : 90/90 First, I built auras : (the usual stack (Elec = bl
  9. TY for the giveaway, Next time I'll be lucky ;) Cya guys
  10. TY for it. I nominate Westcoast59 because he never won something during a giveaway. He is probably hapless. So, West, stay away from me :p
  11. I blame Counter because he is Sudiste !! --> And I blame Trendy for DD2
  12. Hi, I just saw your post. If you still need it, just add me and I'll help you. Steam profil : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198037458612/ Have fun and cya in the game ;)
  13. Hi everybody I have an idea for a new enemi : - It would be something like a fakir who could be able to disable physical defenses for a short time (Like 5 to 10 sec) if he wasn't attacked. - He could be on a flying carpet that make he flyes at the altitude of the squire head. - He could not attack the crystals. - After death, he exploses dealing some dmg to every hero and defenses around (not a lot). As i said, it's just an idea, and all comment would be appreciate. Have a good day and thank you to make live this game. *Here is a draw to let you see what I imagine :
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