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  1. I can think of two reasons: The strategic revamp (enemies, their immunities, enemy clusters, etc) is a lot more work than rebalancing the heroes. Once the heroes are rebalanced, it should be easier to tell if the enemies are rebalanced correctly.If the enemies would have been rebalanced before the heroes, the game would have become very hard and frustrating for a huge amount of players. I understand how you seek challenge and I would have been curious too how this would have turned out. I just think doing it the other way round would have turned away a lot more players from the game.But I think that doing this way has turned away a lot of the veteran players. Maybe they figure the new people coming in a better than the old from a money perspective? I mean, I've bought all the DLCs (except the hero one since I have them all), so I can see where new wallets would be better. But from a veteran's perspective, it just doesn't feel right. I guess this post really won't mean anything. But I had to get it off my chest. I just feel like, after this update, it was all planned wrong. I feel like the enemies should have been the baseline, not the heroes. I guess we will see how it ends up... I think they said they wanted to be out of Beta before 2018, right?
  2. The meta is always going to happen. There are too many followers in the world for a meta not to happen. People are always going to see something that works and try to match it for their own success. But regardless this isn't really about the meta. It is totally possible to roll back an update. All they have to do is replace the file on the servers with a backed up copy of an old version. BAM rollback complete! That said, I also gave an option for them for Step 1 if they couldn't roll back the update. Just patch the heroes back to their original settings and keep the rest of the update. Then move on to Step 2. It would totally work. People are complaining about the game being too easy. They used to complain about it being too hard. All of this to the extent that they did a community vote on it and it turned out that we like MORE CHALLENGE!!! So why would they start the Revamp with making it EASIER?!?!? I don't understand it and neither do many of my teammates. Fact is, we as gamers want/need the challenge. So if they had given us the Enemy segment of the Revamp first, we would have been in love with the game again rather than complaining about the new stuff. Then they would have started with the original 4 heroes and we could have been able to play test them ourselves for a bit. Then they would be able to see what needs buffed at that point. I say buffed because the enemies would be your baseline. You set that baseline to what you want, then adjust the heroes to fit into that baseline. 10M HP Ogre takes 10mins to kill, probably need a buff somewhere (depending on the build used). We as a community need to get away from asking for a nerf. We should only be asking for a buff, whether that be on a hero or an enemy. No one likes to feel weaker. No one likes to feel too strong either. We all want that balance. But why does the balance always have to make us feel weaker?
  3. Trendy, I've sat here on a weekly basis, playing this game that is very fun to me. I got about 500 or so hours in before I decided to join the IMPACT clan. The fact that this game has clans playing it is enough for me to know that it is a solid game. Then you went and screwed the pooch. I'm not sure how much planning went into the game, but I don't think your team thought about this the right way when it came to "how to release the updates." The game was semi balanced, then you release the Abyss Lord (AL). He was WAY OP, but you told us that he was at the level that you saw ALL heroes being at. So we were ok with it, for a bit. Eventually the game became WAY TO EASY with only using AL archers. Again you told us to hold on, it will get more difficult. Then you released the EV2 and she was just as OP, cool another hero on the level of AL, still too easy, and actually now easier. Then you released this last update. Storm Gloves had a glitched issue, no worries, "we will fix that issue." But rather than just fix the issue, you nerfed the gloves as well. My biggest problem with this, why nerf something that is broken? You don't even know how it acts in game! Oh wait, you had the testers test? Did you have them test with the NEW level of enemies? I get the feeling you will be buffing these gloves (and the Betsy Polearm) after the enemy buff update. So the redo I was asking about. Here is what I have in mind and, imo and likely the opinion of others, it's how it should have been done in the first place. Step 1: Pull the last update. Yep, just pull it out, put us back to before that update even came out. Can't do it because of the passive changes? Fine, set the original 4 heroes back to their old levels, keep the passives and let it ride from there. Step 2: Push the update with the enemy buffs. This should have been your first move, imo. This would allow people to play a MORE difficult game now. This would bring back the strategies part of the game and cause us to use and try various towers and builds to try and beat the game. People would be back to "can't get past NM2, wtf?" or "progression seems walled at NM3" and those types of comments. This would let you know where the balance needs to start. Step 3: Balance each original hero one by one. Start with your favorite if you want. Get him spec'd the way you want him to be and in the same levels of AL and EV. This would also give you the option to put out a new skin for each hero (money maker option). But at the same time, it still has the game as a challenge for us players. Now we get to mess with a "new" hero and see how he can help us beat the new enemies. Step 4: Continue to balance once all heroes are at the same levels. Easy way to test this? Use your test cheats, max out all possible gear/passives/etc so that you can see exactly the maximum possible for each hero (this should actually be part of Step 3 for each hero). Then you know the current limits and can adjust each hero accordingly. Rework Pets, they are atrocious right now. There are only a select few that actually get used right now (Dragolich 1&2, Bearkira, and anything with Poison Tips is usually what I see in Endgame), so something needs to be done! Step 5: Move to Beta: 2 years in Pre-Alpha/Alpha is way too long. If you did step 3 and 4 correctly, Beta should last less than 3 months. Step 6: Final Release: Now you can start with the new characters, maps, skins, pets, etc. Stuff that will make you money in the long run. At this point, 7.13.2016, I am still playing and loving the game. I just feel like you guys have dropped the ball when it comes to planning your releases and are not REALLY listening to the community at all. I think you guys say you are listening, but you aren't. You have your agenda, and that's cool, but the players are not enjoying it. IMPACT was close to 100 members with 10-30 active at all times when I joined. Since then, we are lucky to have 5 active at any given time that are playing DD2. Even the members who are testers will play something else now once they have finished their testing for the day. What does that say about the current state of the game? When people who "work" for you don't play your game, how can you expect it to get better? If I was Trendy, I'd pretty much FORCE everyone in the company to solely play DD2. No one plays ANYTHING ELSE, until the game is in Beta. Once it is in Beta, start branching off in small clusters so that you can gather up new ideas. You may come back and say something like "all our employees play our game." I can almost guarantee they don't play it as much as they should. Here is one example based on what I have seen recently: Latest Dev Stream: Collins (I believe) is playing. Everyone on the stream is expecting the developers to play on the HIGHEST Tier of difficulty. Collins, playing on NM3, I believe. You guys are showing off the Gunwitch on this stream. Collins builds out the map and begins to play. He looks like he knows what he is doing. The build looks solid. Gets into one wave and the Ogre shows up. He's using the Gunwitch and all of a sudden switches to his HUNTRESS to take down the Ogre?!?!?! WHAT?!?!?!? The Gunwitch is being showcased as this amazing new DPS character and he has to switch to his Huntress to take down the Ogre? WOW!!! That right there told half the people, that are still part of IMPACT, that she was going to be worthless as a DPSer. BUT, we still support Trendy, so we picked her up and we are using her, yep she is pretty weak... oh well, maybe she will get better. This situation is exactly why I asked for the redo. If the enemies would have been harder that current and Collins had to switch to his Huntress cause she does more DPS, we would have understood. But the fact that these were still EASY enemies and he switch away from the hero being showcased, shows me that this was not well planned. Definitely NOT a great showcase leading up to the release of the Gunwitch, imo. Overall, the game is great! I love that you stuck with the DD1 Tower defense style. Not so much the limited amount of towers, but still towers. I love the characters. I love the new heroes and re-imagination of heroes. I love the maps and re-imagination of old maps. But what I don't love is the process that was chosen to "fix" this game. EVERYONE knows that the old heroes needed a buff to compete with AL and EV, everyone did. But after AL and EV, you should have made it HARDER, not easier. As much as I love that my 400k archers will melt just about any level or my EV beams will kill just about anything on contact, I'd much rather have to actually think about my build than just melt everything or instakill them. So please Trendy. Don't take this post as hate, but as LOVE. This is truthfully coming straight from the heart of a player who loves the game and hopes that it will reach it's full potential. You just need to get out of your own way and listen to the people who are actually playing it. Thanks for being awesome developers. You have a great start here, but you need to finish strong quick before you lose your playerbase! HELP ME TRENDY, you are my only hope! TL;DR - READ IT, it deserves the read and your opinion or suggestions!
  4. One shot NM4 Ogres, man that's fun :/
  5. It's not about drop rates, it IS about the chest that you get for completing. I played the hell out of DD1 and do not remember rewards being this bad in that game.
  6. I use 2 sets of proton beams at each spawn area. Soon as you get them done, hit G, swap to a waller, put down a few walls at the top/bottom of each of the 3 sets of stairs leading up to the crystal. The rest of the mana is spent on archers, just around the core, to take care of anything that gets passed the proton beams. Using this method, I generally finish with 100ish +\- seconds left. I'm sure there is way faster methods, but this gets it done for me. Thats all I really care about. Are you doing 2 sets of beams in a line going from the spawn, or are you bunching them up somehow? Any pictures of actual setup would be appreciated! :)
  7. I got to the final wave with like 100+ seconds to go. But I'm not sure what killed the core. I didn't die, so it wasn't that. Does the sheogre get off that platform and walk to the core? If so, that is likely what happened since I didn't have anything placed between her and it...
  8. Care to share your builds? I tried archers along the rows, but they were getting taken out by flyers I assumed? Not sure since I figured they didn't aggro.
  9. I'm not saying you NEED full Legendary gear to beat it, especially in the current state of the game. But it is only going to get harder once they reveal the new enemies/resistances in the new strategic revamp. Until then, it would be nice to be able to prepare my heroes (12+), eventhough they are also planning a revamp of the passives and stuff like that. I guess it just makes sense to me that the hardest maps on the game should award completion with the highest rewards.
  10. So I should not be rewarded the HIGHEST POSSIBLE Chest reward for completing the HIGHEST POSSIBLE Maps? How does that make sense at all? NM4 Incursion is currently the most difficult of levels. There is NO REASON why a Legendary chest isn't given for completion of these maps. The ONLY REASON I can think of is that the system is broken. Nothing that comes out of a chest that is LESS than Legendary is useful to someone who can complete NM4 Incursion. PLEASE explain to me why YOU think it is a worthy reward to get less than Legendary for NM4 Inc maps, please!!!! So you are basically saying that the only reason you do the incursions is to get a legendary chest? From what I remember, this isn't the sole aspect to the game, there is more to it than just some chests with loot. Actually you know what, I think they should get rid of all the other chests and just give everyone a legendary chest for completing all the maps, this way, everyone is happy. When you are in endgame levels, the quest for gear upgrades pretty much puts you in a Legendary ONLY sort of status. So YES, I am doing them for the legendary chest. Let me put it to you this way. Let's say that you had to climb a 100 story tower while battling goblins and orcs to the top, then when you get to the top you had to defeat a 50ft dragon. Now, you did this adventure on the premise that you would be granted a great gift of riches. When you complete your mission, all that is awarded is a bowl of split pea soup. Are you happy that you did the mission now? HELL NO, you want your riches. That is pretty much how I feel when I complete the hardest levels in the game and am awarded with worthless gear (anything less than Legendary). Even if the Legendary chest spits out only 1 worthless Legendary piece, at least it was a chance for an upgrade. I'm NOT saying that it should be a Legendary chest full of upgrades cause then there would really be no point. I'm just saying that NM4 Inc maps should reward Legendary chests. Also, they need to fix the daily bonus % on some of these maps. I do 5 of these for my daily and after about map 3, I actually see a DROP in % of gear achieved (usually on the Catacombs and BK Incs). But that is a whole other post of mine.
  11. Well, since they revealed on the Dev stream that they are basically going to rework everything as far as passives go and stuff like that, I agree, it probably is worthless to search for gear right now. But still doesn't change the fact that THE HIGHEST LEVEL MAPS still give out *** gear chests at the end, even if you solo the whole thing! I love the game, but they should really think about the reward system.
  12. So I should not be rewarded the HIGHEST POSSIBLE Chest reward for completing the HIGHEST POSSIBLE Maps? How does that make sense at all? NM4 Incursion is currently the most difficult of levels. There is NO REASON why a Legendary chest isn't given for completion of these maps. The ONLY REASON I can think of is that the system is broken. Nothing that comes out of a chest that is LESS than Legendary is useful to someone who can complete NM4 Incursion. PLEASE explain to me why YOU think it is a worthy reward to get less than Legendary for NM4 Inc maps, please!!!!
  13. So here I am trying to solo for my Daily Bonus so that I can get that out of the way. I'm doing NM4 Incursions for all 5 maps. So far on this run, I have done: Gates, Ramparts, and Crossroads. On ALL 3 MAPS, I have gotten a Mythical chest?!?!?!?! WTF?!?!?! What do I have to do to get a Legendary Chest?!?!?! I can't kill anymore, it has to be more than RNG!?!?! So what is it? What else can I do to improve my chances because these 3 runs were just a waste of time to me. I don't understand how I am doing the HIGHEST level of map and getting worthless gear as a reward for completing it! I think it is time for Loot 3.0 or just a change to 100% chance for Legendary chests on NM4 Incursion maps. That's really the only acceptable reward for these maps, imo...
  14. Question: What is the BIGGEST issue that Trendy is currently facing with the development of DD2? Why is it the biggest issue?
  15. Question: Where are we at with the ability to rename heroes and change the colors on their skins? I just hate looking like everyone else!!
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