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  1. I would have loved to play with him but we had some issues connecting =/
  2. As far as I'm aware yes, you should be delegated to another host, if not politely ask Classic if that can be the case. =]Ok thnx.
  3. Well he is on the other side of the planet >.>....Yea its not his fault of course, But I just wanna know if im gonna be able to get in eventually.
  4. Couldnt connect to classic =/ he tried to get me in twice but he doesnt know why I couldnt join...
  5. Courjeaster was an AWSOME host! I had lots of fun (even though my team fell off the first round xD) We still won and had a great time. Thank you Courtjeaster and I hope to see you next week! :)
  6. Ogres thought I was a fired chicken with a side of mashed potatoes/gravy on top. lolz cant forget the honey butter biscuits.LOL KFC anyone?
  7. Drifter was an awsome host!!! everything from explaining the rules, To following them. We had an aura that was out of the build area so he ran around like a chicken with its head cut off :) just thought i should mention :p
  8. Today my event host was Tito Daddy. He was a very professional, And fun host to have. The event itself was pretty fun, But we were SO close to losing. There were 3 OGRES in one spot and they destroyed all the defenses over there so we had to distract, And kill them before they destroyed the crystal. At one time I thought it was over, But we held them off, And somehow killed them all before they could destroy our crystal. Anyway I think the event went really well overall and props to Tito Daddy for being an awsome host!
  9. Thanks alot Tito, Great event. Ill have a review when im back.
  10. Man im really late to my nephews birthday party... I dont think ill beable to do the event. I was on Capts list so i expeted to be done by 12-ish, Just my dang luck...
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