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  1. Builders: EV, Summoner, monk, Huntress, Squire, App DPS: Monk, Barb So 7
  2. You don't need a summoner playing through the original campaign. But when you get to end game survival games, yes you will need one.
  3. you were never able to play shard maps you didn't own even if the host had it. all other maps you could and still can afaik
  4. not every character has to be a dps character. Having said that definitely a buff not a nerf to the monk
  5. The boost itself caps at 200. No points above that do anything. According to DDDK, it won't let you upgrade once you're past 200, either. Basically, there shouldn't be a reason not to cap the boost stat. Oh, and the range stat caps at 125. thanks to you and all who responded. Now a proud owner of a nice cat
  6. wait a minute... think I played with that huntress. Was completely useless..
  7. my 2c. Who cares if it was ninja'd or not- it's a great change.
  8. dw I did say campaign survival. Even at 20+ traps kill everything but ogres and minions (especially ogres) are good at stopping wyverns. The only thing I ever have to be careful of is making sure a wall isn't destroyed and repairing proxies every now and again. The ogres will die before it ever gets serious. Of course this was before the update adding copters. Too annoying to survive with all these ogres everywhere and heat-seeking rockets coming out of nowhere. But I will say this, I am not losing because of the build. I am losing because if I die, then I can't repair which leads to an in
  9. I don't see how they are needed. Wyverns can be killed solely by minions and ogres will eventually die to traps. Trash is generally stuck in an gas/inferno/darkness spam and whatever gets past that is obliterated by a proxy. So what can physical towers do that non-physical can't? Pretty sure boss fights provide all the difficulty this game ever needed. Survival was always meant to be a test of strategy and stats. The copters kind of messed with strategy a bit too much and the extra ogres (that are almost guaranteed to land) kicked the stat ramp higher. are you playing on NM? Because on lat
  10. What about campaign maps where the people who farm these maps don't have the stats to overpower copter ogres? And he is right about physical towers. Using them is practically a waste because the only viable way to put them in is far away from a copter path and/or probably walling it off from everything else. The extra walls is just a waste of du. my point was on aquanos not campaign maps. And physical towers are still needed. If theyre not you're doing it wrong
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