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  1. You get the additional hours of enjoying a game that we waited years for. Also hypershards, gold pets, defender medals, gold, etc... I don't think we have much to complain about here.
  2. I apprecaite the challenge that mastery has given. All the neccesary heroes and shards could have been obtained by just playing the game. I don't understand the complaining. Mastery should be easy for those that haven't put in the time? I am not a fan of participation rewards. The objectives were clearly defined. I knew what I had to do to get what I wanted. I don't see any negatives to the game mode that challenged the end game players in our community. *flame shield up*
  3. I didn't know they were exclusives... all I know is that they show these awesome skins in the shop and I have no way of getting them. I wasn't complaining. Just stating I would like the opportunity to get the skins they show in the shop on the xbox. it's kind of silly to put these skins in the xbox shop if it was never and never will be available for us on xbox.
  4. I don't really care about running around in cute Christmas fits... I just want to have an army of skeletons. Trendy, please make this happen.
  5. I would have liked the opportunity to get some of those cool skeleton skins for my toons on the xbox1... would've spent diamonds to do so. Apparently they were only available before the game even released on the console. Can I have skeleton skins please?
  6. OK... I found it. from the pause menu... go to shop... the beat the heat bundle is under the "misc" tab. Hope that helps anyone else that is having trouble.
  7. I am having difficulty locating the beat the heat bundle on Xbox One... I have checked the mailbox and the emporium. Has anyone claimed this bundle on the Xbox One yet? Any help, pointing me in the right direction is appreciated.
  8. i can smash all levels on insane+ with the exception of the 4th dlc... sky city and crystaline dimension make me fear for my gamesave...
  9. sure... you have the freedom of speech here. but if you break the terms of use, the moderators have freedom to smack you with the ban hammer...
  10. i have avoided the last upgrade numerous times before identifying the final name of my weapons... i think i ran around with a 222/223 dps shaitan for a month before i decided to call it the money shot (i kept referring to it as my billion dollar shaitan.)
  11. my dps squire is appropriately named "corpsegrinder" i have always had a special place in my heart for the dps squire... he requires a more tactical approach to maintain the bonus for not taking any damage. but once he takes a hit, it is happy fun time with a sword for the rest of the wave. give him the best animus you can and blood rage on... no faeries here...
  12. I would help you out with some gear... what levels are your toons? The "dun def Arabia" error message comes up when you try to join someone that has played Morago... If you play Morago, you need to exit the game and return back to dashboard. Then others will be able to join you.
  13. I would play if I were not out of town...
  14. Nice... I am always looking for people to build the dlc maps for me... Mind if I level my squire?
  15. I have made many friends and met many cool people... I would need a last day to run with all the people I would want to... I'd have to play my last game with theflyingturkey and euComplex... (who remembers those guys?) Most of what I have learned about this game was learned in one of their lobbies... We didn't loose events. It was good times...
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