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  1. 1st) OMG now they will definitely not fix apprentice and stuff! :-( 2nd) OMG more goodies! :-) 2+) OMG no cartoonish graphics :-( 3rd) OMG its free! :-) 3+) OMG F2P means even more money spent :-( 4th) OMG its LoL clone + pets! :-( 4+) And they delay coop-mode :-( Anyway. I just hope that Trendy will not drop supporting DD1 for some time at least...
  2. It could be an requirement of Unreal Engine 3. Unreal Engine 3 is the engine that DD1 is on. Unreal Engine was created by the company which specialized on multiplayer shooters. I doubt they did not know about disconnects and such :)
  3. If its possible to jump there - you can grab it. I did that on MQ when loot fell to border above lava.
  4. I read there is a second "mana cap" at 2 bil. If I have 1.8 bil mana and sell 0.6 bil item (via AFK Shop) - how much will I have in the end? Will it be 2.4 bil or 2 bil?
  5. How does selling things for real money hurt this game? I mean, a lot of games let doing this... Anyway, GJ on listing all of these, Urza! Pity that your 2 MegaChickens will now stay at bay.
  6. We need that so much. Saving layouts. Saving games. Saving anything. Please, Trendy.
  7. http://forums.trendyent.com/forumdisplay.php?32-PC-Mac-%28Ranked%29-Trading-and-Grouping Thank you! I will close this thread and create it in the Trading section. Edit: Well, I cannot close it... I will remove the body of post at least.
  8. EV's walls aggro Wyverns. I guess you can try them versus FW too.
  9. So when 8 people say Sharkens are OP, it's okay to nerf them, but when 78 people say Sharkens are okay, it's wrong? Hmm. Its childish to think that Sharkens were nerfed bc of 8 whiners being more important than 78 adapters. Sharkens were nerfed bc Trendy considered their power level inappropriate. Edit: In OP 78 meant level, not count. In your and this post of mine it mean count. I don't know how people can play a game and not be challenged. The reason the elite players are the best is because they embrace the challenge. "Munchkin" games do not have "elite" players. They have
  10. People have total right to rage about new monsters. Even Trendy admits new mobs being WTF-level OP. Remember? Trendy nerfed Sharkens into oblivion. And 78L players who can afk-farm Survival have NO right to talk as representative of whole community. When they say "OMG new mobs are easy, just adapt" it doesnt mean that everyone can adapt and have it easy. Edit: By saying "rage" I mean - "being very unpleased and expressing it in emotional way". Yeah, maybe other word would express my opinion better. Its just my vocabulary isnt too big.
  11. Cool, it seems that last patch fixed the issue!
  12. I have the same problem. Tried both suggested ways.
  13. I will play both... A little. Tho I hope that D3 release will shift Trendy's attitude from "lets add more content!" to "how can we please our loyal customers?"
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