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  1. i select the hero i want to delete and press the delete hero button and then nothing happens.
  2. Still no TIB come back patch? wat? i want all the drugs that you are having. so i can destroy them so you can realise what *** this "scavenger patch" is
  3. well his function is. if you play hoover simulator. he will now have the items if you have full bags. everything else = worse :D
  4. Your points against trading is the exact same thing your trying to say about maps. Trading CAN skip filler content skipping to nm4 CAN skip filler content. there is literally no difference^^ And there is nothing you can change about it unless you completly redesigned dd2 and make it not gear based.
  5. yeah. da *** trendy. how about we go forward in convenience than backwards?. You literally made us HAVE TO PICK UP EVERYTHING Which means you are not gonna have any space in your bags. which means most of your bags will be dedicated to trash bags. and then scavenger will be the new TIB(with way more inconvenience. Thank you autohotkey so i don't have to press e a billion times). why do i have to pick up everything you ask? Well play onslaught and then try to get to the item you want to check out without picking up any item.
  6. agreed with the wyvern token drops. did 24 runs. and not a single wyvern token drop. Also the actual gold drop is awful. 1 special enemy drops more gold than 5 rounds of the currency option(eggs/boxes sell for 500 the other gear(2-4 item drops) sell for 30 ish each.) Which means thats about 1300 every special enemy. depending on how many boxes/eggs they drop. while currency per round is 100-350. up the currency with about *10
  7. read the patch notes did not see any thing about splash/ moster buffs on any maps read patch notes again. they fixed nm. so now it is just triple the mobs. yay
  8. Never because without a level 50 you can't access any maps that actually give upgrades (unless you fail wave one over and over which is infinitely more dumb than grinding betsy). cant do that anymore on the nightmare difficulties. and since i am pretty much maxed ipwr at lvl 43. and dont wanna grind stupid betsy. game isn't being played . them not fixing shallium shards doesn't help.
  9. your whole system is borked when it comes to several queues together. free play easy :20-55 lowest ipwr needed = 18 free play med :52-93 lowest ipwr needed = 50 free play hard :100-149 lowest ipwr needed = 96 onslaught med : 85-105 lowest ipwr needed = 90 onslaught hard : 100-150 lowest ipwr needed = 110 incursion : 150-160 lowest ipwr needed = 145 theres no freaking consistency between these. You need higher ipwr to do the levels than what the levels drop. this is not the way in any of the free play or even incursion. Why do you force people to go to onslaught to go to free play hard?
  10. Except it's that Betsy Campaign is giving too much XP. A proper fix would only nerf said XP. :P Yep. but should also buff xp on all maps. *** is just way too grindy with all the horrible IPWR. and why end game is locked because you aren't lvl 50 is retarded. There shouldn't be a end game ipwr of 0-150. Thats where free play hard is for. instead you make them. Which means you have 2 SEPERATE lists which search for pretty much the same thing also no shallium shards. like wat. we told you this pretty much on day 1 of the patch.....
  11. ditto. which means. can't unlock all the campaign locked things ;( it is idiotic to make these things mandatory until you can do free play. Make the *** optional.
  12. if you really insist on having us on a timer. then allow us to reduce the time by bringing the egg along to fights to hatch it sooner. like exp would reduce the timer 1 hour for every 200k or something.
  13. this is still needed. trendy listen plox. Your matchmaking no matter what you do with it will always be flawed. Oh you make it so that if you leave a server you wont join it again. What if i was kicked by host(bug) now you can't join that awesome game again. You want to join a 25+++ incursion that got some decent item power and build. but you can't because you are literally randomized between all the games that don't have 4 people and you have no idea what any of their item power is. where a server list with itempower avg and top beside it would fix that. where as matchmaking is impossibl
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