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  1. I would buy it before someone else does. Then I'd tell the owner how much is worth and if he didn't know that, I'd offer him to buy it back for the same price.
  2. Hey Fscreams, add me on steam. I have a few hundred millions to spare if you want them^^ Steam ID: Toonfish95
  3. I do this. I open my game up to level 70+, so loads of new players get xp and upgrade for me. Haven't failed once. If you would like, I could take you and show you my build I made up. Yep, once you've reached a certain stat level you can do the whole thing just with buffed monk auras.
  4. City in the Cliffs Insane Hardcore is done in 12-16 minutes and gives 11-14m exp.
  5. I price them like that: The starting price is 25m, for every stat that is over 200 (except speed), I add 50m. If it has 100-200 upgrades, I add 50m. 200-300 upgrades adds 100m. If the price now is between 100m and 200m, I reduce it by 50. If it's between 200m and 300m, I lower the price by 100m. Everything that costs more than 300m is instead sold on the floor, because I can probably get 1b for that. It sounds pretty expensive, but people keep buying my stuff and if they don't, I lower the price of every item by 50m which works quite well. Price formula: Price = (25 + [NumberOfStatsOver200] * 50 + ([NumberOfUpgrades] - 100) / 2) * 0,66
  6. Since I have played this map a few times now, I thought I'll share my thoughts with you. After trying Campaign Nightmare 3 times, I gave up because I got crushed at wave 1 or 2 due to the low building time. I also can't build in the combat phase, because I need a DPS char to kill the ogres before they kill my minions. After that, I tried Survival hcmm which turned out okay (Summoner 1800/2000/600/1800, Monk 1300/2200/1900/2000). If I hadn't died at wave 16 through a stupid jump I probably could have managed to hold the build until wave 20. The main problem I was facing was that on the top layer up to 10 ogres (half copter-ogres) were torturing my archers and my mage. Ten ogres reinforced by copters are far too much, they kill my defensive row of minions in about 10 seconds if I don't help them out. Afterwards I tried Campaign again. This time I managed it, because I got lucky and no sharken or whatever ran behind my defenses and attacked the crystal directly like they used to do in earlier games. But the map definetly doesn't work as jump pad from mid-game to end-game, since it is practically impossible to do Campaign without a good DPS char/pet with 1000ish stats, which actually is possible for Mistymire, Moraggo and Aquanos (excluding the bosses). To put it in a nutshell, we definetly need more time to build during the build phases, or just much lower mob-strength/speed/health (I don't know what the planned 15% will change about it, we'll see later). The amount of DU is adequate in my option, it just doesn't fit the difficulty anymore. The RNG on this map seems a bit screwed up as well since I get 1-2 trans and crappy myth from wave 7-20 and after wave 20 transcendent, surpreme, ultimate and 300-stat-myth items start dropping like mad (5-15 per wave). I was hoping for something around Mistymire survival difficult, or between Mistymire and The Summit. That would be a nice stepping stone into NM. This is about what I had in mind with a stepping stone into high-stat-nightmare. EDIT: I don't think it should be lowered to the difficulty we had before, because I was able to afk the combat phases on survial waves 20-30, which is far to easy, considering the good amount of trans, surp, and ultimate. Oh and btw. through the 12 Survival runs I did at the old difficulty, I got only two upgrades to my armor at all (none for my 1200/2900/800/2700 Countess though).
  7. City in the Cliffs Insane Hardcore gives you about 11m Exp in about 12-15 minutes. That pretty much is the fastest way to get exp. You can easily put up some buffed stacks of auras and they'll kill everything.
  8. I'd love to help you out a bit, just add me on steam^^ SID: Toonfish95 I'll also do it for free, heck maybe I'll give you some millions if you'd want to xD (I can't play today until 6PM EDT)
  9. The TO himself wrote glitterhelm map completition gives you 3-4m. I just said that it is actually 7m. And since you can do Glitter in the same time you need to finish 2.5 waves nm hc servants it is pretty similar.
  10. Sorry but NmHc Glitterhelm definetly gives 7m exp per run as long as you get all end-of-wave-multiplicators.
  11. I always use a combination of djinnlet and genie. You can simply hover over enemies and get full mana in seconds. When using this I actually love spiders, because they spawn close to my defenses, so I can get mana when upgrading stuff and that's just awesome. While in StrDrain nothing can kill you except a golden Zippy and when hovering over ememies the only monster to fear are golden DEWs.
  12. How you use a portal gun not legitimately? And there are far more ways to use it "correctly", it wasn't only made for making mobs fall off cliffs, you know?
  13. I have a Minion and a DPS Summoner atm. My Minion Summoner has no resists, while my DPS Summoner has maxed resistances. I usually upgrade everything to 3 stars with my Genie/Djinnlet combination until wave 20, then I use Overlord mode and just keep everything at high health.
  14. My Minion-Summoner is called Epaphos and I named my Mana-Gatherer-Summoner Arcas.
  15. There already is a thread about stating your love for the new patch notes: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?66681-7.38-lt-3 It's nice that you want to show your appreciation, but it would also be nice if you could look for similar threads first the next time you post something like this^^
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