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  1. Sadly, if you want to avoid that you have to play Ranked. That's why it's there. The current system on Open most likely won't be changing.
  2. What are you calling a modded item? How are you certain it's modded? Are you sure that it's not just a really powerful but legit item? Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
  3. Same as everyone else here. I have a sibling-in-law that would love a copy.
  4. This isn't just a patch though, it's a DLC that has to go into the steam shop, thus we are waiting on Valve. Ah good point. I didn't think of the store entry.
  5. It's 24 I believe and there is a way to rearrange, but I forget. It's like click and hold Alt or something. Select a char, hold Alt, click another character. The real trouble is moving between pages. If I remember right you have to hold Alt while clicking the arrow and even then sometimes it doesn't work.
  6. I don't think it's Valve time anymore. They said when they added support for the difference patching that they would no longer be restricted to Valve's time line.
  7. I hope they make Dungeon Defenders 2 instead of updating this old thing. There are just so many irreversible mistakes in DD like how easy it is to hack and how you can barely store an hour's worth of mana before having to spend it or not get any more due to being capped. They should start working on DD2 and learn from their mistakes in DD to create a much better game. It could just be the same heroes with new maps and a new game engine and economic system etc. Just simply a platform they could improve upon that didn't have all the flaws that DD currently has. In some ways I agree with this.
  8. Well, I haven't been playing lately. Not DD's fault but I got a little burned out and then the Steam sale happened and now I'm playing Arkham City, and GTA4 and several others. I'm not gone for good, just for now.
  9. Why stop at one class? Play them all, and conquer the dungeons of Etheria with even greater ease :) I think he was more or less asking what to start with, not necessarily what class to marry himself to until the end of time.
  10. Are YOU playing Ranked or Open? Is HE playing Ranked or Open? If you are both the same, make sure HE is looking at the Server List BEFORE you invite him.
  11. Good point Cymmina. Can't say that I've ever tried inviting players across servers so I'm not sure what message it would give you.
  12. Well, living in the same city is no guarantee. It could just be a temporary problem in the internet for your area that may resolve on it's own. Try again later. You can also play DunDef in Split Screen on 1 PC. I know that's not a great solution, but it's an option.
  13. In that case they have too much latency between you and them most likely. Not much you can do about it I'm afraid. Games aren't hosted on Trendy/Steam servers, they are hosted by your PC so if you or they have a bad internet connection it may fail.
  14. if my friend trying too join my server its say connection failed. can some one give me a guied that show how too open a server with friend??? Create a game. In the steam chat Window, click the arrow next to their name and choose "Invite to Game". This will only work in a public match or a private match. It WILL NOT work in a hidden public match. They will see a "You are banned..." message in this case. This causes some confusion but it does not mean Trendy has banned them or Steam VAC has banned them. It just means they can't get to that hidden game.
  15. Ok so it's as follows then Mythical - Light Blue Transcendent - Purple Supreme - Yellow Ultimate - Dark Blue
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