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  1. (Shameless Plug to be included in Beta) Hey Jer! While your looking at this thread, make sure you include me! My email is from JstuffJr.
  2. I thought this was pretty epic. Abe Lincoln's demands must be obeyed!!!
  3. The Van Wolfenstein, obtainable from the Halloween Spooktacular Challenge on I believe hard difficulty. Used to be very popular, so there are many videos with it. I think you can get up to 6 projectiles shooting at once, all parallel to each other.
  4. 205 Enemy that temporarily becomes invulnerable and can phase through defenses, encouraging layered defenses. Aquatic map, maybe on a lake near the castle.
  5. Yeah, so getting a little tired of running AL 20+ times. I'd like to buy a SF with mandatory 27 upgrades and 7sps, and 38-40 damage. Ammo capacity at least 40+ and reload 4+. Can offer 3 mil+ mana. Also have a ~9200 Poison Rapier(The one from AL) that I can trade if needed.
  6. https://www.vbulletin.com/forum/entry.php/2480-vBulletin-4-1-4-The-new-all-new-WYSIWYG-text-editor-powered-by-CKEditor about halfway down that page is your answer. the vid shows how it should work. Thanks, I guess it turns out jetah was right, don't know why I didn't see the restore button before. Sadly however, it appears only one autosave is kept and so my guide was overwritten.
  7. Age: What do my answers indicate (May not be exact wording :-)) Time: 7:32 Pacific Time I'm on PS3 so no mana right now, but if cross-platform play does ever get added I will hold you accountable for 10 mil mana! :-P
  8. BraveDude8, I am inspired. EPIC BUUUUUMP!!!
  9. try to start a new thread and see if there is an option to use the auto-save. Thanks for the suggestion, but as far as I can tell, that doesn't work. Just for the sake of clarity, I wrote the guide by clicking start new thread in the guides section, and then I looked there again for any use auto-save option, but I don't see anything. Anyone else have any ideas and/or knowledge?
  10. So I was writing a guide but had to leave for a bit, and when I came back the forum said my login had expired, and when I logged back in I lost the page where I was writing the guide. However, several times while writing it I saw an autosave notification, but I have been unable to find how to recover it. Can anyone tell me how to access an autosaved post? Thanks! Update: Solution Found. Thanks jetah and Phunky!
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