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  1. Just curious on how much I can play, cause I don't wanna play to much and then all get wipes, BUt I wanna play >.<
  2. Alright, thx for clearing that up!
  3. I bought the pack a while ago that gave 2 keys, exclusive tower skin design etc. etc.. Now my question is , will we that bought that pack also get these stuffs that are in the collector edition pack? $100 of in-game currency ($130 of total in-game currency) 4 Exclusive Hero Skins 4 Tower Skins designed by the Defense Council Exclusive “Dragonfall Defender” Title Or do I need to pay about 40~ € just to ge the exclusive Hero skins?
  4. Yeah! im on the screenshot of the week! :D (Ludda1) ^^
  5. What are the benefits of playing on GameSpy other than not having to be 'up-to-date?' I have no idea x)
  6. That seems weird, cause we got another friend , which aren't playing so much , but if he host, we all can join him, but we can't host :S so I don't know if it most be some sort of port.
  7. Actually no, we all have a 7.25 version. (But I do have also a legal version on my computer)
  8. hi!, me and my friends play the Gamespy version but my friends can't join me , and I can't join them. So I wonder anyone know which port to open on the gamespy version? I konw that Steam don't need , but gwhat about gamespy? P.S some other random dudes can join me sometimes, but not my friends :S its kinda weird. Really would like to have an answer!
  9. Hi me and my friends got Dungeon Defenders Version 7.25 and we both got a Gamespy account and logged in. we can see each others game but we can't join them. It just stand Failed to join game. plz I have looked everywhere on the internet but don't find a solution. plz if anyone know plz tell me how we can make it work .
  10. *this violates the rules of the forum* /closed -classic
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