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  1. Edited version of the best post I have ever read on these forums: As for the "Wall" that "new" players hit: This is really bad at the moment. Prior to Shards4, ........ ..... I can't run things that i could before anymore (Theres an old saying that everyone who ever worked in support should have tattoed on the inside of their forehead: "If the customer could do it pre-patch, they must also be able to do it post-patch") ...... They said it back in Berlin 1989 already: The Wall Must GO! ..... - P The exact reason why I gave up on this game. I spent countless hours in the game and finally felt like I was getting somewhere. I love new challenges - but I do not like it when the challenges I have already overcome are suddenly changed so I can't do them anymore.
  2. Ghost view would be awesome. That way you would also be able to make tine adjustements to your build - compared to previous positions and such. C'mon Trendy, just do it :)
  3. I have tried this build 3 times now - everytime with the same result wave 20-ish and a few sharkens break away from the pile in the northeast and take down the wall up there = game over in a few seconds. So my question is this: Is the northeastern proxi supposed to damage the HUGE pile of mobs that get stuck in the gas trap or how do you build it? I can't quite tell from the vid if the range on the proxi is large enough for that or not.
  4. Yeah, since the one I linked was made 4,5 hours before yours. Whatever. Instead of having a proper discussion about what's possible, a suggestive sensational thread is now on top, degenerating any form of discussion into a flame festival against certain things in the game being OP. Thanks for lowering the quality of this forum again. So.. 10.14 PM is 4,5 hours earlier than 02.43 PM.. Got it... This isn't MY thread though and I don't see myself lowering the quality of the forums on a regular basis. If you want your own (evidently better) thread on top - maybe you should post in that one instead. On topic: I am looking forward to seeing how the summoner will play out. Should be a nice change of pace. I hardly think you can deduce that it's going to be OP just from the wording of the achievements.
  5. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?61075-Mythical-Real-Time-Strategist Looked for existing threads much? Did you?...
  6. i donno. I think sharks need some sort of adjustment. we're soooo heavily locked into gas trap spam at the moment. Mansharks should have an additional counter. Just not 100% sue what it should be. Lightning towers should keep them stunned for their duration. Would be similar to how a gas trap is but the duration would be much less. not exactly sure how long a lightning tower attacks before before it needs to recharge. But the effect would be that you have TWO counters working for you (at a stupid high DU cost) and reduce the likelihood of mansharks getting a charge off. Pretty much my main gripe against sharken. There is only 1 counter (and that's not working very well lately it seems). The issue I have with Djinn and Sharken is that I don't like it when a game developer forces me to play the game in a certain way. With Djinns Trendy effectively did away with free trap and aura placement. Placing an enrage aura to slow down a lane and thin out a few mobs? Unsummoned... Placing a proxy trap to thin out a lane before it gets close to your crystal area? Unsummoned. Now with the sharks there is even less freedom as everything needs to be placed at exactly the right distance and such. Yes it's doable (without bugs) but I like more freedom better. Anyways personal opinion... Got a little sidetracked it seems :)
  7. I observed this while dead in aquanos survival wave 18. A sharken and a group of other mobs walked to the middle of a resetting gas trap and it triggered, sending them all into the stunned state with coughing animation. However, a few seconds later, the sharken charged forward, even though the gas trap was still running and all other mobs were still stunned. This behavior has not been observed in patch 7.31, and yet in 7.32 my walls are frequently getting pushed where they were not in 7.31. I think this bug may be the cause of that. I haven't observed this BUT I have experienced an increase in succesful sharken charges since last patch. I do hope this is the answer!
  8. For aura place ment try to just catch the south spawns and up into the north lanes, might have to adjust a bit once ur started to accomidate for boost beams. If u start at wave 17 or so u would have enuf to get all ur beams to 3 stars and makes life alot easier. I have 17xx aura range and I can't get the auras to reach top and bottiom. Either sharks get to close south or mages have a hiding/nuking spot north...
  9. I cant get this to work even with a number key. Me neither...
  10. Ok, lemme just ask this. Before you go whining about how they are so OP, tell me, have you... 1) Placed Gas Traps 2) Placed Ensnare Auras 3) Placed a Lengthwise Shock Beam in front of your defences. 4) If not killing them quick enough is the problem. Mix up a Fireball with the Harpoon Formation, or try an Inferno Trap. Until you have done either of these, please don't immediately assume they are overpowered. They've only been around half a freaking hour, you cannot conclude squat until you have properly tried and tested every possible option we have open to us. Bit short of DU's all of a sudden eh?...
  11. Wow, Sharken are absolutely awful. Indeed... So gas traps at EVERY single wall now and pray they die before the trap runs out. That's SO much fun. Or well... not really...
  12. Gonna give it a spin - just one Q though - what exactly is a dina?
  13. Yep - found the same thing on survival MM NM HC just 20 minutes ago.
  14. After the latest patch I'm experiencing ALOT more cases of mobs getting stuck - by standing on top of one another. To further add to the infuriating experience that this is - they tend to do it IN their spawns so I can't kill them. Not my idea of fun on a timed map! Please just fix this - ASAP...
  15. ... Every class has a role to play. Except apprentice it seems...
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