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  1. If you put walls slightly diagonally, they take up slightly more space. Like a diagonal line from corner to corner
  2. Yeah, it's 2013. Fullscreen windowed need to be included! A lot of gamers run more than 1 monitor these days.
  3. I came to enjoy min/max'ing all my characters in DD1, but I ultimately think that char swapping in-game is a bad idea. I'd rather not see it in the sequel and here's why: Being able to character switch during a game (build mode) too often puts classes/heroes at an imbalance. You will always have the character class that is unwanted/not as good as another class and never sees the light of day except to build; or when some player just wants to switch it up for once. When you are forced to build and play as a single character, you will be more dependent on having good stats to build and to fight. Yes, this requires more stats spread and what not, but at least that class actually is part of the game except for switching in, building, switching out. That's not a class, it's a tool... The whole active/inactive stat affecting damage just made it a part of the game to max builder stats and uses active heroes to play. But if DD2 isn't built around supporting this, things can be balanced differently and spread stats accordingly to be able to get good towers stats as well as be useful in combat. In a cooperative game, it should be beneficial to have multiple, "different" classes and excel in the game using a setup that mixes various elements. As the DD1 stands, it just kept going in the direction of solo play being easier, except in cases of build-time limitations or difficult bosses in some cases. Solo play is obviously great, but I think a co-op multiplayer game should focus on MP game mechanics. There are plenty of single player tower defense games out there. Let's see more focus on MP! :D Let's see more/seperate/better quality rewards in MP, and get rid of split screen on PC ;)
  4. The problem is most things ARE over priced. Time is money, sure, but this game is still in-game currency and only used for trading/upgrading. You either have greedy people or people who try to turn a profit in their own favor. Prices on decent items has continually gone up over time due to people having more "specialty" items rather than gone down, as more of those items started existing. I've been playing this game since almost release and it's really not that hard to sell things for cheaper. People just choose to try to get more and more. The economy of this game has been ruined by forcing people into using work-arounds for trading and storing currency. It's been terrible handled for a long time. I'd rather seen things like Cubes and Mk2's un-tradable from the get-go. Dungeon Defenders has stat inflation just as bad as it got currency/economy inflation. Both poorly handled with bad foresight on the issues. Just look at how Godly gear went from pre-Shards to now. What was it like 800%+ increases on all fronts? Lol.
  5. Do you use any gfx tweaks? Just curious because it seems like I can see through your auras a bit easier than normal in your screenies. Damn auras :(
  6. Double pet/double weapon characters are cheaters ^_^ Truth!
  7. Don't abandon updates to the game if you continue to release DLC like DunDef 1.
  8. The Humble Bundle 5 is now available. For ~$7 you can get some nice downloadable/steam key games, including Dungeon Defenders with all the DLC included. Plus it supports charity :) Check it out @ http://www.humblebundle.com
  9. Open is policed for hacks the same as Ranked. Open is allowed by Trendy to have mods / maps developed from the DDDK. Mods / maps which can have 'hacked' like changes. So basically per Trendy you can have crazy stats using the DDDK, but you can't hack using memory type editors. So I wouldn't call most things 'non-legit' in open. In fact since you can use the DDDK to cheat, I have never understood why someone would use a hacking tool that would get them banned in either Ranked or Open. But some people playing are not very wise. Of course; cheating whether legit method (i.e. DDDK) or non-legit (i.e. hacking) really just cheats yourself in the long run. Everything you stated I already know. Perhap legit wasn't the correct word but the end-result is the same. I want to play the game as intended by the developer's "ranked" ruleset. I'm a huge fan of mods for games, as I believe it gives superior longevity. But for a game where you are forever min-maxing and attempting to to keep winning new challenges under a specific ruleset, Open modding leads to a lot of problems when you don't want to break out of that ruleset (if you let it of course). Anyway. For as long as I've been playing, it still saddens me to see certain things un-fixed or altered by developement of the game, while new things kept getting added otherwise (usually via paid DLC, but not always). To pick up an item from the floor, and have it's stats be different is one of the single most frustrating rewards that I can think of. There's plenty to make up for it, but this issue shouldn't have lasted weeks past it's initial discovery.
  10. It's just, I'd like to see things go live into the Ranked version. I'm all about mods, customizing and what not, but I've not played enough of this game yet to venture into full-on Open gameplay, as there is just too much non-legit things going on :) Either way, I really hope something happens here with the main issues at least. I know I've been hoping a while, but ya never know...
  11. Anyone know if Dingle is still working on this? Would love to help out/test/debug where possible. Have a bit of coding experience, just not focused on C/C++. Would really love to see this game continue to get updates/add-ons especially if the community is behind it.
  12. It makes me sad that this thread hasn't seen much updates lately. These gear change/stat roll-over fixes needed to be in the game 10+ months ago :( I always speak highly of Trendy, but it hurts me a little deep as a long-time player that important things like these never got patched into the Live code.
  13. I do a decent amount of streaming for DunDef on my Twitch channel @ http://www.twitch.tv/drumstix42 I don't have a specific time that I play, but it's most nights after midnight EST, sometimes earlier/midday, sometimes later :P Right now I'm streaming though, been playing for a few hours. I play music on my channel sometimes, but it's usually lighter stuff/soft-dubstep type electric musics.
  14. If a DD2 is released, I unfortunately wouldn't buy it until it A) went on sale, B) got most of it's DLCs out of the way and had them packaged, and again went on sale... Sure I enjoyed the game, and didn't mind the small amounts here and there that I paid into the game. But overall, I paid upwards of ~$80 for a game that I felt "did" get good attention and patched often for a while.... but still lacked attention to some of it's core problems. And that to me spoke more volumes. Game was released on Steam in October of last year, and still I experience the downsides of the game to this day. Well, the last time I bothered to play ;)
  15. I know it may come as a surprise, but for some players not everything obtained in the game has to be worthy of the bests in-slot stats. Some items are fun to use. Some items have interesting effects. And some just like to collect.
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