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  1. I was just playing and finished leveling a new AL to 50, then went to join a nm4 map and got pushed to a "make a new hero" screen. Now, every time I log in I get this screen. Did I just lose all 11 50s and their gear on my account?
  2. 15 Tower: EV (waller) Initiate (auras) EV (buffs) Countess (tower) App (tower) Huntress (gas) Summoner (minions) Ranger (traps) DPS: EV Squire Adept Barbarian Monk Summoner (x2)
  3. With those stats you should be good to do whatever you want to run. If you are farming Aqua, Moraggo will be an easy win. Sky City/Talay will offer and challenge. Not sure on Planatir, I'm kinda burnt atm and haven't even tried it yet.
  4. Forum inflation is out of control. I blame hacked mana, and can confirm that a significant number of players that were very active on the forums were in fact banned for hacking. Unfortunately, they had already pushed the inflation to a point were it is now only sustainable by folks that either made their mana early, have a ton of time to farm mana or are selling items in their shops for huge numbers (which, sadly, are also probably being bought by mana hackers). The numbers are so out of hand that I personally no longer see a point in trying to buy things through the forums, even though I h
  5. Your analysis is flawed because you aren't accounting for the RNG factor. Sure, if you play enough times, you'll eventually get a full set of 550 items but how many hours or how much luck do you need before that happens? For me, the last 2 months of survival to L20+ have only produced 2 or 3 pieces worth picking up and that leaves me stuck with heroes between 2k and 2.5k. Who would enjoy putting in so many hours for so little reward. Not me for sure. There is no analysis there, just basic math. To reach 3k in a stat only requires Transcendent gear, gear that starts dropping as early as
  6. Please do. Run some Aqua w15-20 while having a stream to prove that you're actually finding the stuff there. Then go and find a whole set of said items. Do so till you hit your current stats and then tell us how long it took you to do so. Yeah, that's what I'm doing when I read posts of wannabe elitist who most likely have lower stats and less achievments then I do while having started way before I did. Yet tell me what new people have to go through to eventually get where most of the forum are at already. So now you want complete sets to be created so I can show you want stats could be
  7. Oh please Kozmec. You yourself should know that 3k is not a laughing matter. Yes you can theoritically reach 500 on every item. This however would mean getting top trans/myth super loot in every slot and to do so you would have to reach the very end of survival runs. Because as you are wholly aware most stuff that drops doesn't even get close to having 500 stats in every (or attack, speed and hp since range isn't all that important) even when fully upgraded. Nothing gets full points in three stats, except hacked gear. Getting it in a single stat is all that is needed. I have 3.5k damge, a
  8. You do realize that 3k even now are fairly high for all purposes? /facepalm Do you realize what gear is needed to reach 3k stats? You are constantly talking about this circle where you need better gear to complete the maps, but that this gear doesn't drop on those maps. Yet here you are stating 3k stats are high for almost all "purposes". 3k / 6 items = 500 per item (yeah, not even going to bother with the extra slots for accessories, they aren't even needed) Lets assume you get a myth pet (360), even though you can quite easily get trans pets with good stats from insane runs. Tran
  9. This is what I've found with mine Ult armor. You only need to reach 30 to hit 42 with the set bonus (for resists).
  10. Do Ultimates have similar scaling in terms of ranged damage increase per level? If so, it could theoretically turn out well with so many upgrades. I'm curious to see what it would end up at. Hell, I'd take that as a melee weapon if only I had such luck in finding any sort of Ultimate weapons. -_- I feel like they still suffer from the "max per upgrade or percentage" choice, meaning that you won't get the highest amount per upgrade due to the super low starting point. That's just a guess, though, I haven't farmed a new one yet to test this.
  11. Alhanalem, are you implying that we play an Action RPG Tower Defense...actively? In all seriousness though, this this this. Dungeon Defenders was not intended to be a "set it then forget it" type game where you build and then AFK til the end earning mana. AND, this has been acheived. Heck, I cannot even get through wave 22 of Sky City with nearly 4k stats if my DPS character dies.... AND I LOVE IT!
  12. your post... Your frustration is understandable. Couple things, you will probably need to bite the bullet and make a ranged dps character if you want to solo more of the available content. It's unfortunate, but at least in their current iteration copters are not melee only friendly. Perhaps for the time being you can hit up the copter maps when you are playing with friends that roll ranged dps... Auras @ 1900 is amazing, but you would probably be better served with 1900 in damage and 1200 in range then with your current low damage high range config. Getting to the copters early but not
  13. EDIT: finished reading everyones responses, much appreciated btw. Kozmec i made a post on the bug forums and got no reply and also, i thought this was being constructive not just a QQ thread but more pointing out what i thought was wrong with them and seeing everyone else's opinions. Awesome! I also do realize this isn't just a QQ thread, but my response is more directed to the community in general, it just found its home here. I do feel like it should be noted that not getting a response from Trendy does not mean that they haven't seen your post or that it won't be addressed. They very r
  14. it's not thrown off, persay, but more overwhelmed 3 things change when you make the transition to NM, besides the difficulty increase: 1) you need to use multiple characters to build with instead of just a squire or something (sky city insane probably helps this, actually, but i don't see how that's possible to even run with godly gear) 2) your gear is vastly inferior to what you need to progress (mythical only drops in nightmare, and you need mythical to manage nightmare) 3) you get all the tough mob types at once, which is a lot to adjust builds for if i had a suggestion for progressi
  15. I hear a lot of rehashed arguments about the copters (rehashed, in that each new mob has created the same complaints from the community, which over time were proven to be incorrect). Having said that, here are my two tips: #1) Provide constructive feedback to Trendy in the suggestions forums, helping them determine where the truly broken parts of the new content are so they can figure out how to address those. #2) Expect to have to change you play style to accommodate the new content. You can no longer just run around as a DPS character and know that a 2k hp stat means you'll survive, y
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