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  1. yeah i would like a item cap raise at one point i was 750/400 lol also i dont get why shop storage is still at 250 what up with that
  2. theoran prob feels insulated for putting in alot of time to get good **** , it was already predictable that trendy would make farming much easier with DD2 to be released. this game is slowly dying the amount of players went down alot only improved again with the new dlc but will drop again
  3. maybe it comes with additional projectiles to? could be reason why it weak rng can troll pets with not giving it
  4. i only came back because of this dlc plan to leave again not interested in farming survival knowing kings and sky is still better farming alternatives
  5. no it not normal it just lucky it not guaranteed to give those results every single time you run map
  6. same as me stopping playing for like 3 or 4 months when tinkerer dlc released started playing again will stop again though game wont keep me entertained much
  7. the new campaign map has poor optimization
  8. good i hate the currency this forum put out most people wont care about old chickens ,value lost everyone in game was laughing at the game economy and happy that it easier to obtain then before
  9. never tried but it shouldn't i thought they disable pets effects all together you only get whatever stat points it give
  10. i would go for the gamble odds are good
  11. ahh there so many threads about this no need for people to make more
  12. told u sky city was good to but that heaps lucky my last 5 runs of sky got no supreme no ulti which made me switch map farming
  13. nothing will happen if you use 2 accounts as you will have 2 different steam accounts plus 2 purchases of game pretty much no such thing of violation.
  14. best godly i have seen lol
  15. adding a anti cheat system better loot system aka better rng variables completely new towers and balanced without one class being overpowered better rating system on items custom tavern custom filters for loot on floor when viewing mini map more advanced graphic options available within game instead of using config file option to reset upgrades applied on items option to disable tower animations
  16. nice my first diamond wasnt to special was still nice and better then any kobold
  17. you also got factor the random chance of seahorse projectiles not hitting all the time due to so much projectiles lol though most bosses all will connect
  18. if it ulti ++ 505 is possible
  19. with cow **** projectiles lol weakens enemy with plus 4 projectiles
  20. yep dont even need uber high stats so i see no reason to use a modified item i will only use if i found loot myself consisting of supreme or ultimate quality as that where most hacks come in to play i doubt hackers gonna bother with trans
  21. i would definitely not use hacked armor that passes quality check or that borderline crap that some hacker created so it comes out legitimate by a item check
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