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  1. yes, but i'm talking they aren't even close to hitting near my crystal and they're tapping it.
  2. Is it just me or has it been looking like the ogres are swinging their clubs and hitting crystals that are far out of their reach?
  3. I see no problems here. http://screensnapr.com/v/XS8kNl.jpg nice, i was just pointing out, that the older maps such as misty and moraggo are so easy that sharken don't prove a threat, the lanes are straight where as there are actually curves in aquanos which make them much more difficult to deal with especially while playing solo. i've adjusted my builds over and over and over again to where it makes this so frustrating to play i've tried multiple traps in lanes, auras, lowering the number of harpoons to make more individual lane damage and its just not working, all chars have over 2500 tow
  4. got to wave 35 mixed mode morrago and not one wall was moved so you just need to adjust your build. try aquanos and then see how far you get.
  5. Love how people are crying about the sharken when it isn't the first time the new mobs have "ruined" the game. Remember the first time spiders were released or djinn? It takes time to balance them out but not nerf them to the point of useless and you wonder why they even bothered putting it in. Those that are complaining about sharken now probably had no idea of how bad DEW's were before they got nerfed and would literally 1 shot people who were geared or would wreck a tower before you even had a chance to save it. I mean come on, give it some time. I do understand there are some bugs to the g
  6. Considering that DD is usually hovering around 6k plays in a day, the bundle deal has little to nothing to do with it. Don't take my word for it though, check it out yourself: http://steamstatshistory.appspot.com/list As you can see, DD had it's lowest amount of plays on 3/15 which was well before Sharken were released. If you look at the history of plays it's always the same; new content is released, play count spikes. People stop playing because spiders/djinn/sharken/nightmare/etc is too hard and the number stabilizes. This is no exception and when they people who can't handle Sharken are
  7. there are no elemental sharken, they're like djinn.
  8. also am having issues with this, this needs to be fixed asap
  9. after further testing i and a few others have found that sharken are charging after being stunned by gas traps so there is a bug with sharken after 7.32 had been implemented.
  10. There is 2 things that I can think of that would cause issues. 1) Towers don't focus Sharken unless they are already charging. This might be known, but it's part of what can cause issues. 2) Sharken have a much reduced charge range. Yet they remain out of range if your towers are focusing ogres. These 2 combined will easily cause problems. If they have a small range at which they can start charging, then it's a smaller range for towers to kill them before they reach the walls/towers. It's a simple idea really. Their smaller range on charge is almost a bad thing for us because towers don
  11. not since the last patch they aren't, i was doing fine in 7.31 now in 7.32 i can barely get to wave 20.
  12. Something happened with this last patch that they didn't put in any notes or they didn't realize they changed it but the waves are much harder, i can barely get to wave 20 now where as i was getting to 26 before.
  13. agreed sharken should have absolute priority when they're charging even if something is in front of them like an ogre.
  14. i'm having turrets still shooting at ogres when theres a charging sharken coming right for my walls.
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