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  1. I came back to the game recently after all my nightmare gear was wiped a few months back. After joining impact they have helped me gear up and have been quite friendly.
  2. I like having a rare item that can drop off ogres/minibosses that allows you to upgrade a pets tier. Upping tier by evolution seems too easy.
  3. A physical AA only tower would be nice too :P.
  4. Are we supposed to grind out our costumes in free play? Would MUCH rather it just level up as I play in nightmare+ over time rather than tediously grind easy maps.
  5. Most were out for the weekend so whenever they fix that multiplying bonus bug they can push it out. Also depending on if they want to squeeze more than just that fix into it. So maybe later on today but I could see sometime tomorrow being very possible as well. Of course more breaking could show up and push it back even further.
  6. Would be cool, my only problem with the monk flip animation is sometimes having to wait for the whole animation to play in order to move. Would be nice to either cancel it or move while its happening since its only ever a problem when swapping to monk.
  7. LSA is the only one currently used in nightmare+
  8. % chance for cannonball to pierce or % chance for cannonball to explode on contact % chance for skyguard tower to do X% additional as physical % chance to double shot on ballista % chance to heal x% and taunt nearby enemies on target dummy % chance to leave a pool of poison on the ground on poison dart tower % chance to instantly reset on blaze balloon Some potentially interesting passives i was thinking about.
  9. They might consider having the regen cap at some amount relative to the health of the mob. At 5% the heal is 200k on a 4m health ogre which is a buttload of regen (unless he is sitting in several LSA's :P).
  10. In nightmare i am expected to beat a triple ogre wave.. that's fine if you have a party but solo it seems a bit much. Maybe stagger them out a bit.
  11. Shields wont have tower stats afaik. Although you can get the critical chance passive.
  12. It says how when you select it in the matchmaker screen, finish all quests. Which essentially means get level 50 on a character.
  13. I have noticed that in odd# laned maps there is always +1 physical resist lanes. Instead of that why not have equal amounts of magic/physical and one neutral lane. 2 magic 2 physical one neutral or 1 magic 1 physical 1 neutral.
  14. Get 50 and try end game normal/hard, I found them to be a lot easier than freeplay hard. Alternatively get a 50 to pull you into their private tavern.
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