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  1. For the reference, last time I did it : Magus w24 : 88 ogres Magus w25 : 35 ogres (Strange but yes, the 25th had less ogres... little more life though ^^)
  2. I found that 2 :mage: boosted could be of a great help for those ogres. My mages do around 700k AoE boosted, fast enough to clean every ogres if I just put a wall, without letting them hit the wall or anything. If the build is tough in this way, you can do this in the bottom south dual spawn, and the east dual spawn too easily. May be harder/impossible to be that effective on other spawns. Though, this map was exhausting and sooooo stressful :p
  3. I would love to say you were just trolling, but by reading all this, I'm wondering, do you really want to see this happening draemn ? Congratulations, you have been awarded 3 new achievements: Worst idea suggested in May Worst idea of 2012 Worst idea EVER suggested in the forums This ^ And I'll add one more : Worst idea EVER suggested in any game's forums
  4. +1 Too! In same order of idea, the summoner should be able to switch pet by pressing X. It's exactly the same issue, letting you compare 1 gear but not the other. In general, any dual wielding character should be able to switch by pressing the same button.
  5. I gave another try with this build, having a crappy summoner in my team now! For the purpose of the guide, I stuffed him with nothing but godly gear, bringing him around 350 dmg/200 to 300 all across. So same map, same build, but spam of :mage: on the buff beam. You can fit 3 per lane, on the buff, still far enough from the wall so they can't be hit by :ogre:. Their DPS is enormous and helps a lot for ogre stacks in the end waves. What the hell, I finished the map with around 700 in damage on the summoner (like any beginner would have if he plays the whole map and stuff him on the way). I also put a :warrior: on back side for the electric immune spiders. TLDR : add :mage: on all line, the map goes from "doable with low stats" to "easy"
  6. You still have a long way to go! Like said before, start by XP so you can put Myth gear on (no use having it if not ^^) Then, 180 being your best stat, you need to gear up in godly a little. Going through Endless spires with no gear at all today is, imo, crazy. People did that a lot when there were no sharks or djinns, but it gets harder and harder every new shard. I would suggest ramps in insane HC survival for top tier godly. Then, once you reach 250-350 all across on your main builder (squire or app), with crapy trapper/aura monk, you can try different things : - progressing through the shards on campaign hard or insane. Good gear will drop there. This requires a good build and a good dps for boss most of the time. - Finding an 2-3 crystals map where you can win the first wave, and farm it (Endless spires or not). Use a lot of gas traps/str drain to easy things by slowing them down. - sorry for self promotion, but I did a guide for this a little after sharks were released, with people wearing nothing but godly : http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?60782-7.32-First-step-into-nightmare-another-solution
  7. I don't think I saw anybody saying he liked it there. Should be renamed Sky o' hate imo. I want this crystal skin though ^^
  8. So, people debate between the use of DUs+MUs, and how it makes the game easier. Lots of points have been made (I'm quoting different people, this could present some paradoxes :p) : - the game is funnier as how it is - it should present more challenge with the addition of the summoner - people can limit themselves to use less DU/MU if it's too easy for them / this is not exploiting every possibilities we have - changing the current system/setting a "hard limit" over the whole community to please a minority is not fair I hope I didn't forget any major point in this debate... But all this could be conciliated with a another mode : What about a dedicated difficulty setting , like mix mode or hard core is, where either : - the game is harder and can't be beaten without using DUs+MUs (more scaling on monsters?). Don't think it's the best idea, as the scaling is hard to control past certain waves) - DUs+MUs would be linked (making the MUs some sort of DUs if we think about it). Maybe with a ration of 1DU:1.5MU, cause 1:1 would just be the same game with minions costing DUs - Mobs waves change, putting a lot more pressure on some choke points randomly during wave, making it almost undo-able without micro management of any sort. More work for Trendy, but maybe the more "Summoner friendly" This difficulty would grant a 5% bonus in drop quality, propose some challenge to those who find the game too easy as it is now, and let the others enjoy the DU+MU system just as it is. What do you think about something like this? Wouldn't it be the solution for everyone? Would you have other ideas?
  9. Well, a pet does something in battle, and will so learn things, because it has a brain. A sword may cut lots of enemies in half, I highly doubt it will learn anything. At most, it will be less sharp after a while. So based on RP, I would say no. Based on game balance, I would still say no, because if pets earn a little XP through battle, they also cost looooots more to upgrade. If weapons/armor were to earn XP too, they should have the same scaling in mana cost too.
  10. +1, we need full support of controller for summoner. Having the key feature of this char impossible to use because we are on a controller is not fair and should change the price if we think of it.
  11. Some feedback about what you said. [QUOTE]1) In game design we went over what makes gamers play games. What is there motivation? This being said the longer you play a game you should feel like you accomplish something. DD is terrible at this. [/QUOTE] The game changes with your progression through weapons (unique weapons drop in late maps), pets, or even trophies and crystal skins. I found it rewarding to have a Trendy crystal, or the sky o love one. [QUOTE]2) End game is NM but progression is very hard unless you use outside sources. I can farm survival maps all day long but rarely does any upgrades drop (im talking armor cause weapons are useless without them). Why the hell do so many weapons drop in NM. Weapons are already pretty much useless unless you get one from a event (boss drops challenges, etc) but they are 50% of the drops during NM. Really how many 200^ weapons does someone need especially when there damaged is greatly reduced on NM difficulty anyways. Now how many 200^ armor drop, rarely. [/QUOTE] True that. The summoner is going to solve this problem though (as it seems). Like you said, if you try to get it yourself, you gonna take a lot of time. But this is the game and I feel the RNG is what make us play too. If drops were stables (i.e. every reward was pre-calculated like in WoW), the game would loose a lot of "content". [QUOTE]3) Why haven't you developed a centralized shop yet. You already host servers why not setup an auction house or trading server. Heck you could even make it a DLC if cost is what your worried about. I would pay 5 - 10 for a better shop system. It takes hours off my play time having to check AFK shops or defenders store and trying to meet up with someone trying to find better gear. If you go defenders store route you better hope they accept your friend request and are on the same time as you. [/QUOTE] Greeeeeat idea! The current system is very long and painful. But you are loosing the "shop" customization with items on the floor, trophies, ... Some would be for, some would be against. [QUOTE]4) With all the new characters coming out it seems the old ones are becoming insignificant (apprentice). Instead of a stupid accessories content you come out with perks or something game play related and not purely aesthetic. How bout perks that allow dual pets or dual weapons. Heck maybe even dual load sets so we dont have to level multiple characters of the same class just to get a tower builder and a hero type. [/QUOTE] You can always change gear on the char. Once the gear is upgraded, you can give it a name, so it's more or less easy to know what to put on who if you are a little organised. But the idea of changing specialty of one char has some flaws. For example, the towers adapt to your stats when they change (and thanks for this, we can progress during waves/maps, very important low level). Your idea would make us "save" the building stats of every tower, meaning no progression with changing gear. Why would you want the apprentice to have dual anything? You really think its insignificant? There are still lots of usage for every single class in my opinion. I don't use my apprentice a lot because of the graphic lag it induces (too many fireballs is evil), but 1 fireball every now and then is very useful for cleaning little mobs, but mostly getting aggro of every single ogre coming on its way. Just an example. [QUOTE]5) I love monks, probably my favorite class, but why is there dual damage for there weapons (range or melee). If there suppose to be jack of all trades why make them choose a type. How bout instead they merge the damage and only let you do one or the other. If you want to switch maybe they mediate or something (like rangers reload after ammo runs out) and then you can use the other . [/QUOTE] Monk weapons are different, depending on the weapon type. If you take a long spear, good chance it's gonna have 1 range dmg, not more, and it seems logic. Other weapons have weak melee and lots of projectiles. If you want to go from range to melee, just change weapon ! No other class has the choice between melee and range, this is already a great ability of the monk, no need to make it stronger. [QUOTE]So yeah I have alot of hours invested but most of it is useless hours. I feel like I make very little progression for the amount of time I invest. This is what cause me to stop playing for 2 months before.[/QUOTE] I agree with you, as much as I defend the RNG, I think the problem is more the quality calculation of items that make them too bad too often, and still be considered by the game as "great quality".
  12. As said before, the HP are too much for fyverns in my opinion. Those are NOT flying ogres, right? And yes, the dmg is far too high too. I don't like to complain usualy, but having 90% rez poison and getting 1 shot by 1 single fyvern doesn't seem normal. Even ninjas don't hit that hard (comparing the same wave).
  13. Some pets too have this ability, to interrupt casting djinns for example, or like the electric tower stopping spiders and djinns. For example, the donkey stops every casting mob. If you keep close to a djinn with a donkey, he wont hit you. There are times between each donkey attack so it still may try to outrun you.
  14. Nice trans cupid! I hate this map too, and still need the achieve... Congratz to you! And for responding to your question : yes, I have the similar feeling about one map : the same one ! Had try too many times, didn't win yet...
  15. The harder the map, the better the gear (mostly), meaning Ramparts gives you better myth than Alch Lab, comparing the same waves. I would advise that you take one of the last 4 maps of the campaign and try to go as high as you can on NM. But, in order to do this, you have to level some alt chars, like mooke said. A huntress and/or a monk are needed to go high on NM. If you can get EV, it could be useful too.
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