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  1. "no friends" well.... I guess we arent friends till the event is over(; Own: emo_bubba
  2. So would the best way to pull of the new event be to put bouncers around the slice and dices? Or what are people's ideas for this weekends event?
  3. You can also turn saturation down aswell, I've heard that helps with cutting down the chances of freezing
  4. Already uve played the level... I always get kicked. Never played a single morrago or djin level. Soooo the fact u even have a what halud is more than me...
  5. It May take forever now, but I think once we get nightmare mode... It will be so.much easier to level up.... Only thing is, the consoles can hardly handle some maps on insane... How the hell will we be able ti play insane with out freezing or lag? I mean they r fixing the morrago problem in the new patch on the 15th... But still..
  6. We will talk about these "amazin" things haha I'm slightly interested
  7. I had death, I was the first lobby for him so I actually got to do the even; there was a few close calls but no crystal hits luckily. I had an amazing time, today was my Bday, and my first event ever do it was an amazing memory!
  8. I was in the same lobby as astro :P I got it :3 btw Ty; u meet added me man!
  9. Tavee! Haha talked to you last night, u shuld add me and I can host lobbies.... For some reason my ps3 has an uncanny ability to not freeze, so if u ever wanna do 3 people; I can help :o
  10. Emo_bubba Saturday please(: preferably afternoon if doable. If not, no worries(:
  11. Never froze once... On a side note; it costs them $10k to submit patches each time they wanna send out a patch. So unless u can come up with the $10k every time u want a little problem fixed. Stop ur whinning. U also have the ability to play another game. Oh what a concept
  12. Me.and sharpner have a Mic btw
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