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  1. Psn - amigo1342 My only available day is Friday so I'd really appreciate it if I could get on the list =].
  2. Hahaha nice. Also it's really annoying when they spawn, and they zap the defenses almost immediately. It gives you no time to get there.
  3. Don't you hate it when your trying to run morrago without getting hit, your dodging all the ninjas just fine, then when you go to repair something, BLAM a djinn spawns and hits you instantly with his range attack!? God its sooo annoying lol.
  4. Youre going to want to talk to drunken_tiger. He's the monk expert =]
  5. Amigo1342 Saturday. I wont be able to be online untill around 2pm est. I know times arent allocated but im just letting the team know.
  6. Large amounts of douchebaggery there. Sorry buddy I know it sucks.
  7. Find a way to scrounge 20 bucks together for 3 months of ps+. 2 hard lessons learned. Who knows maybe there will be another "giveaway" thread just for you.
  8. Yeah I wasn't trying to turn it into a patch/ trendy bashing thread. But good god, deeper well!?
  9. I froze helping some friends with no towers allowe earlier. For those of you who don't know (prolly not many), it is on the map DEEPER WELL. I froze on deeper well. Are you kidding me! Really!? I'm losing all hope and faith. Please send us a patch soon trendy. This is getting rediculous.
  10. The god of war looked soooo awesome. The added psp2....erm ahem.... Sorry vita support is cool too.
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