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  1. I don't think that's true at all. I've played with multiple people in public lobbys that have had no idea what they're doing. If they had played DD1, they would have known simple methods and not placed towers in awful spots. The few people I've met in game that have played DD1 have been telling me they have been seeing the same.
  2. First off, I played Dungeon Defenders 1 religiously for quite a long time, as well as one of my friends. I'll be compiling some of my thoughts here to hopefully make this a better game. As it stands, there are quite a few glaring flaws, and some minor ones. Obviously, it is an Alpha build and I'm not worried about them too much, but these are things that should be addressed at some point in development. 1. Item Quality and Upgrades The current method of the beams of light coming over top of items isn't a very clear indicator. I cannot tell the difference between the green and yellow rays of
  3. Guess we will see exactly how lucky I really am then, I suppose. I think it makes a lot more sense that they scrapped it. But I hope that wasn't part of the reason they had to lay off the employees.
  4. Hey guys, first time being here in a long time. So I was in the Alpha a very long time ago for when DD2 was going to be partly MOBA, which I played in. Got a key (very luckily might I add) during a random draw on stream. In fact, I still have the inbox message concerning the code from Laurawantsacow. Just wondering if that means anything now that DD2 is no longer going to have a MOBA aspect anymore. Also, what was the reasoning for the scrap on the developers side? I personally thought it was silly because I'd spend 35 minutes in the town lobby trying to find a match and it'd never start
  5. Okay, so basically we should try Mistymire and Uber Monsterfest then go on to Mistymire survival and ultimately go to moraggo?
  6. So are the monsterfests a good way to get gear from? Which one should we start with?
  7. Hey guys. Just recently started Nightmare HC runs and me and my friend can consistently farm Magnus Quarters NMHC survival to wave 13 and can do Endless Spires "most" of the time. His squire builder has all tower stats at about 700+ and his tower damage is 1k+. Should we keep trying to pick up some better gear or do you think we should move on to Mistymire? If not, where should we go for gear? Basically, what is the progression we should do? And what is a good squire build for Mistymire?
  8. I just recently learned that I could even upgrade my resistances.. So thanks for that guys. I now understand why I was kicked a lot. So for upgrades gear wise, weapons should always be damage, and armor should mostly be resistances and health?
  9. Every time I join a monsterfest, challenge or campaign mission, most of the time it ends with me getting kicked without a word being said. I'm just wondering if I need to get better gear or I did something terribly wrong with my character. My stats are 525 hp, 1121 attack, 378 speed, 197 casting speed. I am trying to be a dps huntress, is there something I should change or get more of? Or do I just seem to have bad luck with people liking to kick me? Also my weapon is a ret with 254^.
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